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    Stiffer hoop versus flexy hoop

    Have you ever tried Prokennex 5G or variant? Those felt to me the most plush of all.
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    ProKennex Type C Redondo - Just Sticky/Tacky, Is That Normal?

    I only ever had problem with Redondo. I'm not sure if it's bad paint job or more of their going for a rubbery/velvety feel of a finish. Didn't have problem with the silver version of the Heritage Type C, which is basically Redondo.
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    ProKennex Type C Redondo - Just Sticky/Tacky, Is That Normal?

    Okay, rubbing alcohol checks out. Wrapping some paper towel around the sticky area and letting it sit for a few minutes did the trick. The gooey stuff wipes right off without much resistance. Thanks, everyone.
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    ProKennex Type C Redondo - Just Sticky/Tacky, Is That Normal?

    Decided to do a comparison of the new Q+Tour and QTour 325 with my old Redondo 98 and Heritage Type C 98. Had forgotten all about the gooey residue problem. Going to try lacquer thinner or something. Any new science or experience that works?
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    Djokovic is a hero

    Everyone has some injuries and ailments; it’s just a part of sports. Don’t try to take anything away from Stan.
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    Any recommendations on arm-friendly rackets?

    PK 5G and its variations
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    FS: (4) pro kennex 5g

    Can't believe I missed this deal!!!!
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    Prokennex 5g vs 7g vs new generations.

    I use both 5g/7g, Redondo 93, 98, and several other PK sticks. Must have at least 50 of them. But 5g and 7g mainly. 5g is indeed slightly faster, but I don't think you want to give up 7g's advantage in terms of service and power. I'm going to suggest something a bit counterintuitive here. I...
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    For 5G, try Kevlar (Ashaway 18g is my favorite) in the mains at low tension (< 50lbs) with any kind of soft/cheap stuff (not poly) in the crosses. I have more than 50 PK frames and everyone, when strung, uses this setup. Gut is too springy, Kevlar is actually very comfy and dead (the way I like...
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    Bogus string advice?

    I have used Ashaway Kevlar 18 in mains and any nylon or natural gut in crosses for more than 15 years. Usually use tensions between 45 and 50 for mains. The main racquet I use is PK5G or 7G, but I have been using PS85, BLX 6.1 90, and Black Ace 98 (86 sq in) as I started to play more...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Give 5G a try today; c'mon, Carpe diem. :)
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    Ashaway Kevlar vs Kevlar +Plus

    Low Tension is the Key After experimenting with all kinds of strings and combinations, I eventually settled down about 10 years ago with Ashaway 18g in mains and something soft, typically natural gut or just cheap nylon in the cross. Kevlar is stiff, but at low tension, I use around 44/47...
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    They really should add a "like" button to this site. So many posts I just wanted to click "like" in this thread.