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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    I know this is an old thread but do you think the 2018 pure drive bumperguard will fit the original pre-woofer (fognini) pure drive? I'd really like to have a replacement for a worn original pure drive one.
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    Wilson H22 molded handle to pallet conversion

    Great pictures & detail of the process I’ve been wanting to do the same. Much appreciated!!!
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    yes - have tourna black zone 7 in it racket plays great with full poly It’s pretty arm-friendly with everything i’ve put in it
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    Blade 16x19 vs Blade 18x20

    From my experience, I would stick with the 16X19 - especially if you're pretty comfortable with it. I've used an 18X20 for the longest time & absolutely hated playing in the wind because it would wreck havoc on my game. I had the hardest time finding at 16X19 that I liked until I picked up the...
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    THE CLASH equals TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Depends on the setup but I found the regular clash to be on par or greater power-wise than my 2015 blade 16X19. To me it hits like a tweener - less demanding & easier from the get-go than rackets like a blade or the old radicals. I only hit with it for short demo session but it felt like a less...
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    I had a short 20 min demo with the pure drive vs recently. My initial thoughts are that it feels like a comparable offering in the blade/radical category. It felt solid with good stability in stock form but has room to customize to your liking. It seemed to hit serves pretty decent without any...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Had a short 35 minute indoor demo with the clash & clash tour. I came in with an open mind & I have to say that both rackets hit a pretty decent ball. Pretty good stability in stock form on both. I liked the regular clash more because it felt more maneuverable & is in my usual spec range. I...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I don’t have any PT57A’s, but the Clash & Clash tour have no similarities with the PT630’s that I hit with.
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    Babolat first generation

    I just picked up a 1997 version 1st gen pure drive. I’ve played with many babolats & tried to stick with them but they just never worked out for my game. This version felt amazing from the 1st hit - such a great combination of feel & control with good power. The only other babolat that I’ve...
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    *** Long Live The Radicals ***

    Reviving this thread. After 3 yrs of soul searching and buying & trying out countless other rackets, I've come full circle and gone back to my trusty liquidmetal radical mp. There was no adjustment period whatsoever - like I've been playing with it all this time. It's not the most powerful...
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    Question for HEAD LM Radical MP users

    I have my LM radical mp strung with RPM blast 18 (1.20) at 46 lbs (21 kg) & find it plays pretty nice - this frame has such inherent touch & control built in. I have 2 gm of lead at 3 & 9 and 1 gm at 12 o'clock plus 3 gm blutak in the buttcap Weight: 321 gm and 3 pt HL. Not sure if the tension...
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    MarkNut is a fantastic buyer

    Sold a racket to MarkNut. He was so easy to work with - one of my best selling experiences with any TT member. I would gladly do business with him again anytime. He has my highest recommendations.
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    FS: Head IG Radical Pro (16X19) 4 3/8 grip

    This racket has been sold. Thank you TW.
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    Wanted Head Liquidmetal/Flexpoint Radical MP grommets/bumperguard

    I didn't realize these were still available for purchase on the tw website. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Wanted Head Liquidmetal/Flexpoint Radical MP grommets/bumperguard

    Looking for Head liquidmetal or flexpoint radical mp grommets. I saw that I can buy sets on the bay but was hoping I could find a more reasonable deal with some TTW members. I had 2-3 sets that I gave away to some TT members when I sold my radicals & wished that I had held onto them. Hoping one...