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    Playing 1980s style players is very very difficult

    I saw on the ATP world tour website that Mark Vines beat Yannick Noah in the semis of his Paris Open title run. I really enjoyed watching these two skilled seniors playing high quality tennis. They move incredibly well.
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    Babolat first generation

    I'm no babolat expert but I believe that I have a 1997 1st Generation Pure drive & it has the same printed RA as yours. Your rackets look like they have the swirly paint jobs which may be 2nd generation - but I thought every generation after the 1st had stiffer RAs. They could be 1st gens with a...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    I swapped out the CAPS on my old PT280 with microgel radical grommets & shaved off 14 gm at the expense of making it even more HL. If you string with super thin 20 gauge, should shave off some more weight too. Could swap out with a Wilson featherlight replacement grip to try to compensate but it...
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    FS: Head Pro Tour 630 (PT630) - Made in Austria and Designed in Austria

    Update Both rackets have been sold. Thanks again TW!!!
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    jdeloach is an fantastic buyer

    Had a super easy transaction with jdeloach. Great communication and prompt payment - smooth and easy from the beginning. Would definitely work with him again in the future. Highly recommend.
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    Not sure which radical grommets you have, but when I swapped out my PT280 caps, I measured this: original CAP grommets: 31 gm microgel radical mp grommets: 17 gm Hope that helps.
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    FS: Head Pro Tour 630 (PT630) - Made in Austria and Designed in Austria

    Update: PT 630 MIA has been sold. The Designed In Austria racket is still available.
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    CiscoPC600 is an awesome buyer

    Had a great transaction with CiscoPC600. Communication was great, payment was prompt, and he was super easy to work with. Would gladly work with him again in the future. Highly recommend.
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    Seems odd for a scratch to extend that far into the groove & possibly below the grommet strip. It kind of looks like a crack to me.
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    Video of My Match

    Internet makes it easy for ppl to make any kind of comments. I’ve seen and played guys with an average looking, unimpressive game who wipe out everyone in their path. Not saying ops game looks average because it definitely does not. Results speak more than opinions & anecdotes.
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I thought the standard clash had good stability, plow, & control for a racket in that spec range - not too much different than an aeropro or pure drive. The clash felt solid for groundies & not too shabby on serves as well. But everyone is different - it’s so subjective. To me, the french...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    good find I really like this guy’s reviews - concise & informative. Plus his skill level lends validity to his words for me - he swings like a beast. I’m more interested in this frame now after his comparisons.
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    If anyone has any questions, it's best to direct message me. I'm not wanting to stray from the forum rules. Thanks.
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    Wilson H22 Users Club

    It's been a great ride with my H22. This stick does nearly everything well & I thought I would not come across anything that I would like more until recently. If anyone is looking to pick up a lighter 18X20 version (306 gm unstrung), message me.
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    Crisp Round Poly Recommendations

    Ever since I 1st began stringing & playing with blast, it seems weird for me to think of it as a gear-shaped string - it always felt like a round poly. Even as I am feeling it strung in my racket right now, I really have to try hard to feel the edges. If you had not mentioned it, I would have...