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    Which came first; time or energy?

    No, I didn't miss the whole "ques" like you did just there. Whatever the parents were before they became chickens through all the mutations you hypothesize, they came from eggs. Therefore the egg came first. Pretty simple. Furthermore, the "question" was which came first, time or energy? But...
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    Which came first; time or energy?

    And where did these parents come from? An egg "of course".
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    How many push ups can you do ??

    One handed push ups are much harder, so 3 is pretty good.
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    Slack in the mains + 2 other questions

    I've had the drawback occasionally but noticed when I pulled the next main, the clamp moved back and was closer to the frame like it was supposed to be. I have an older machine and getting the base just right before locking down isn't always so easy. I use a large cloth cover over my machine and...
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    Which came first; time or energy?

    The time it takes for me to wake up and feel the least bit energetic means that time always comes first.
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    Yet another Singles Stick Thread

    Before they had the collapsible sticks, I made my own by notching the tops of 2x2" lumber cut to size. They worked great, but are a hassle to bring along every time.
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    "Nothing" potentially more inclusive than "everything"?

    I think. Therefore I am, I think. From "Threshold of a Dream" by the Moody Blues in 1970 Maybe Luke liked to listen to that album too. As for a show about "Nothing", that was George's idea. George was playing Larry, and Larry called it a show about nothing.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Mission Impossible: Fallout Almost every scene in this movie is "Impossible".
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Equalizer 2. Pretty good sequel.
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    Are you a forum expert ?

    Just this one, but many years back I use to read and post like crazy on a Korean Drama Fan Club forum. Some of my best work. Prior to that I read and posted somewhat on various **** forums when I was a seller. It was a very good way to learn about the ins and outs and I got a lot of good info...
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    Phrases or things people say that you don't like

    Heard from a plaintiff on Judge Judy: "We was conversating..." To which Judge Judy groaned out loud and rolled her eyes. Now I've heard that conversating is a "word" and been added to the new word dictionary. o_O :mad::rolleyes:
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    Balance Board?

    I use my left index finger.
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    compression sleeve + counterforce brace

    I wore one than the other, then both when needed. The brace alone would slip from sweating, the sleeve under the brace keeps it from doing that.
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    String Pseudoscience and Tennis Elbow

    I had two serious bouts with TE, the first from playing with dead poly to the point where I had to play with my other hand. Took 8 months to heal, then I switched to hybrids and poly at 33# in my POG 90. Made another mistake by playing with poly in a cold day in November for the last hit of the...
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    New Word Thread