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    Vision issues tracking tennis ball..normal?

    The vertigo aspect may be more serious than you think. I had this a few years ago and it was very annoying until I was able to research and perform the eply maneuver which cured me in 2 days. Talking to one of my hitting partners I came to find out he had to have surgery to correct his vertigo...
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    Ugh!!! I'm in an impossible position

    A guy who moves from California to Kansas to take care of his parents is high on my list and deserves better than snide remarks after he's found himself in a less than competitive tennis environment due to unforeseen circumstances. Only related example I can recall is a former neighbor who...
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    Elton John and Billie Jean King

    Which one is Billie Jean?
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    Protocol for cutting out strings

    I cut from the middle out with the wire cutters I got from the World's Largest Store. (or what used to be) Three or four strings give a loud pop sound when I cut them but the rest go quietly. I cut the old strings out just before stringing the new ones.
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    The McGovern Maneuver

    A WISE set for a 3 second pull would take 54 seconds to pull 18 mains. Even if you take another 3 seconds to release and clamp, where do you get a clamp holding a string for 2 minutes? On the crosses I might see it because of the weave time, but the mains? I don't get it.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    John McEnroe, In the Realm of Perfection (2018) French documentary which focuses on JMac in 1984 when he was #1. Offers an in depth look into his physical and emotional aspects and a hypothesis as to how he used both to play his best tennis. 16mm film featuring his matches at Roland Garros. A...
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    Everyone is fat from the winter. In this thread, we do hill sprints.

    I'll be 70 in January, and yes, absolutely have noticed everything you mention. It's all relative though. In my age group people think I still have all those things, but it's only because they've lost so much more of it. Running up a hill would be an invitation for a heart attack for me, but I"m...
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    what is your worst failed string job?

    Wilson K Factor Zero. I missed at least two of the skipped holes and thought it was like any other 16 x 19 pattern. It looked awful when finished so I cut it out and re did the right way after a couple stumbles. One of my buddies had a Wilson Triad which was also a fan pattern, so I was able to...
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    Am I the only one here stringing badminton racquets?

    Not sure about clubs, but most gyms have marked badminton courts which also serve as pickleball courts. $15 for labor is very reasonable. Badminton strings cost more than tennis strings, even reels aren't worth it. That surprised me. I bought a flying badminton clamp. Fixed are too bulky for...
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    How much do you pay to play tennis?

    Outdoors. I would like to say it's free, but in reality it's part of my property taxes.
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    Everyone is fat from the winter. In this thread, we do hill sprints.

    You keep saying "we"… do you have a mouse in your pocket? I weigh the same as I did in high school over 50 years ago, so no, not "everyone" is fat from the winter. Fake thread.
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    Am I the only one here stringing badminton racquets?

    I strung my 60's badminton racket several years ago and was advised (maybe by you) to use 20lbs. Like you, I've seen some stinging videos where up to 30lbs is now common, but this may be for pro and tournament players. I found a really nice racket at a GW in Wi, newer model, and I can feel the...
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    Walking onto a booked court - what is the correct 'etiquette'?

    Where I play they sound a bell at the 50 minute mark which gives us 10 minutes to finish up and be ready to vacate for the next group. At the hour another bell goes off. If no one shows, we drag our feet, sitting on the bench, chatting etc, but if people are at the curtain we skidaddle.
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    FYI: Just a Great Take on PC-Mania

    Mark Twain once said that the only time politicians are telling the truth is when they are calling each other liars. That's the only thing I can think of that's "politically correct".
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    Aren't you disgusted about how ball kids are treated ?

    From what I remember in 1992, players would vote on how much the umpire crew is paid. Linesmen were paid $20. per line which meant if the match went 45 minutes or 3 hours $20. was it. Chair umpires were paid more, but not as much as you might expect. That was my last year, these days it may be...