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    Nick should be suspended from the French Open.

    100% agree :cool:
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    Just paid $62 for a USTA league match.

    $62 ?? What's the issue?? USTA event...With some practice and dedication to the game, you might have won the match :-D:-D If you don't mind me asking... :) What is the total pay out in $$$ if you win :-D:-D:-D
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    Greater comeback: Federer or Novak or Tiger?

    Let me think about this...greater comeback?? Novak and Fed have NEVER done anything PURPOSELY (aka substance abuse, poor personal choices) to DE-RAIL their careers. Cheater Woods game went downhill as his personal life unraveled. :)
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    When was the last time someone tried to underhand serve you?

    I'm thinking that anyone who complains about getting UH served, are players that have pi$$ poor foot work :-D:-D
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    I Wonder, Could I Beat Myself?

    This is MY problem in Tennis. I continue to DESTROY myself mentally all the time :cool:
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    PFFFT !!! How does FED get all these EASY final wins?? Has he played anyone in the Finals this year, that isn't missing a leg or gone blind over night?? Weak draws I say !! :laughing::p:laughing:
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    FED will DESTROY this very nonathletic serve bot. Sheesh :)
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    Bianca Andreescu: under the radar but not for long!

    WTF does her body image have to do with anything she does on court? A bunch a innernet warriors commenting on if she could be better if she lost some weight?? Question is..WHAT did YOU accomplish on a World Stage at 18 yrs old ??? She is pure fun and eating it up...Let her be Folks...:)
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    I'm SORRY Thiem :oops:
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Well I digress, Thiem has made a match of this :cool:
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    FFS Thiem should have pulled a WALK OVER, he's unbelievably PATHETIC !! :mad:
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    That would affect Nadal's pay day, this is BUSINESS for the players.:giggle:
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    Can This Partnership Be Saved?

    Play 2 back for return of service and then move in :)