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    The Shape Of Things To Come: Denis Shapovalov!

    Well done Shapo (y)
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    Bianca Andreescu: under the radar but not for long!

    From PULP FICTION ... English, motherXXXX'r ! Do you speak it?! :-D :laughing:
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    Who is not happy that Nadal won the US open this year?

    "Who is not happy that Nadal won the US open this year?" All the other players in the draw :laughing:
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    Solved - why Europeans dominate tennis

    You dum-dums...look at the pedigree of Team Europe vs Team World :laughing: How in the heck did Roanic and Shapo get on the team?? Same as Isner ?? Team World could have picked way BETTER players BUT that team would be still a bit skinny with regards to TALENT. The tennis gene pool for Team...
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    Laver Cup

    Unfortunately Canada's over-rated "talented" wannabees FAILED Team World... :cool:
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    Laver Cup

    Well at least they weren't like the Canadians (Shapo and Roanic) who CHOKED for Team World( totally embarrassed)...Hopefully Team World picks better representatives next year o_O
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    Laver Cup

    I know right !! Laughable that Nick K and coaching could even be in the same sentence :-D :laughing:
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    Great article about Rod Laver

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    Jack Sock is out of shape!

    Jack Sock needs to lay off the CHEESE-BURGERS :-D
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    How in the world

    Jack Sock needs to lay off the "cheese-burgers" :-D :-D
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    :-D :-D :-D shoulda, coulda, might of, ROFLMAO ....If Fed didn't play tennis , just imagine how many other players could have had CHANCE to win SLAMS!! Ohhhhh the parity there could have been in tennis :laughing::laughing:
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    Fed/Nadal Laver Cup Practice......

    Unfortunately YES, just couldn't stand him...I watched him LIVE at the US OPEN 2010 and saw a true maestro/Baryshnikov on court...I did admire that play ... I've turned the corner ;)
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    Fed/Nadal Laver Cup Practice......

    MN.. I know EXACTLY what you mean...I'm a total RAFA fan...I seriously could NOT stand FED!! I mean CAN'T stand him and thought he was a smug prat :cool: After the Laver Cup last year and how Rafa and Fed hooked up, I had ABSOLUTE respect for FED and now I love watching him play and appreciate...
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    Real Madrid President Wants Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer Match at Bernabeu

    This could be the MOTHER OF ALL TENNIS BATTLES...Winner is undeniably the GOAT !!! :laughing: :-D
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    Laver Cup

    I quite enjoy the team format in the Laver and Davis Cup. The emotions from the players are COOL to see. I like them pumping up their team mates and cheering for them. Every player there doesn't want to let his team mates down. While my kids were playing Junior tennis the players from the same...