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    Anyone missing Wawrinka, Stan the Man?

    Not at all. He played some good watchable tennis in a handful of matches but he wasn't too entertaining to watch outside of that.
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    Is his style of play the main reason people underrate Med?

    I'm not sure why people underrate him, i think it's probably because none of his tennis is "flashy" in any way and he just gets it done. It's the same sorta attitude people had towards Murray in the early days, always calling him a pusher with no weapons when it was very clear he had the weapons...
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    Rafael Nadal: 'People should remember my legacy, not titles'

    Is it tho? I've been a Murray fan his entire career and your comment describes the petty non-issues people come up with him but not with Nadal. They are all real impactful things that happened. I'm not reaching with any of it. He's not a good sporting example and the irony is that his statement...
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    Rafael Nadal: 'People should remember my legacy, not titles'

    So we're going to ignore the fact for 80% of his career he took full advantage of the time between serves and routinely took between 30 and 40seconds before the rule was enforced (likely because of him) and the fact he made an injury excuse almost every time he lost an important match? Or how...
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    Comparing BIG3

    When Murray is involved in the discussion: Olympics golds are irrelevant and it's a glorified exho. When Nadal is involved in the discussion: Important Olympic gold win, comparable to the actual GOAT's or he might look massively inferior. Facts are that Djokovic is the GOAT and Federer is a...
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    In case you were wondering whether Raducanu or Djokovic was the bigger US Open story...

    You're right in that its not the WTA's fault that it wasn't shown but its the same thing that happens with the ITV4 coverage here in the UK. They show like 90% WTA an 10% ATP and then talk about how the women's tour is more popular. It's because of what is being shown to the general public...
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    In case you were wondering whether Raducanu or Djokovic was the bigger US Open story...

    Ok then. How about making the ATP and WTA seperate tours then hm? Instead of having each slam and event be played at the same time with both men/women. Let's see if having 2 completely seperate weeks for each event has the same viewing figures for all rounds, not just a final. Also viewership...
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    Temperature Check Poll: Best Player Post-Murrovic?

    It's between Zverev and Medvedev but i'm leaning towards Zverev myself despite Med and Thiem having slams. He just seems the best all-rounder right now.
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    Will Fed or Rafa win another slam?

    Federer no. Nadal has a chance at Roland Garros but that's it, he's not winning on Hard/Grass.
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    Please give Daniil credit

    PLENTY of people on this forum have given him credit and are talking about how well he played, the match thread was full of compliments for how well he was playing and lots of references to his celebration too. Desperate pointless needy try-hard thread.
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    This is why I like Medvedev

    The fact we've had like 4 threads on this celebration shows how good of a celebration it is. How many times do we talk about dropping to your knees or falling over on your back or yelling? Exactly. Legendary celebration and made all the more hilarious when he confirmed it was from Fifa
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    Steffi had what Serena & Nole lacked

    QFT. I remember that famous Serena interview where they asked her how she would fare against Murray and she was basically like "i would lose 6-0 6-0 in 5-10mins" and how it's a completely different sport and although that was an EG against Murray, it would be true against pretty much any male...
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    What Med meant at the end of his speech and his weird celebration "Only Legends will Understand" , courtesy @NaomiKonjuhPotapova

    Not sure why anyone would be surprised by this, even top tennis players need to relax and video games are super popular. Murray was pretty vocal about enjoying video games too if i recall and he and Goffin obviously had that online tennis tournament final where they streamed it. I think it's...
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    Strategy Against Medvedev's Deep Returning Position

    Underarm serve. Dropshot. Underarm serve. Being a generally superior player. Dropshot. Underarm serve.