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    Rafael Nadal to win the World Tour Finals

    Nadal? Winning the world tour finals?? Is such a thing possible in this world?
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    Steve Darcis set to retire

    I will never forget that match. Good luck to him in his future whatever he decides to do!
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    Medvedev is laborious to watch

    Than Murray? Lol No. I like Medvedev, he's good for the tour. All 4 of the semi finalist are good for the tour. I'm done with the oldies. I'm enjoying the new fresh meat!
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    2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

    I was all set to comment on how the next gen are actually starting to win these kind of matches given what's happened today but then 38 year old Federer hangs on!
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    2019 Shanghai QF- (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Alexander Zverev

    How many match points did he waste there? 6 was it? Oh dear...
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    Poll: Replace Shanghai or Paris with a first grass M1000 in Halle or Queens?

    I don't know why we're voting on either or, both Halle and Queens need to be masters 1000 in my opinion and the schedule should be open so everyone can play both and not have to pick. Shorten the clay season, get rid of Paris and do a bunch of other stuff the tour has needed for years.
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    I think you should maybe stick to the facts of this topic. I did not mention Murray in either of the posts prior to this reply yet you turn to a pathetic attack attempt to claim i am "butthurt" over some invented comparison? Haha please, it sounds like it's you who are the one triggered or...
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    And did almost nothing for everything else in his career, his slams are impressive and especially his opponents in those slams but he is without doubt THE most overrated multi-slam player ever and it's a joke people compare him to other much better players just because he held it together for 6...
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    Who is the Most Overrated Multi Slam Winner? (No ATG Players)

    Wawrinka for me but Rafter would be a close second. It's between those two, noone else on the list comes close in my view.
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    Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

    IW > The rest. Madrid / Cinci are probably the other two i would rank as important. Surprised so many people put Rome, i don't even consider that in the top half.
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    China Open Thiem v Murray QF

    5 votes for Murray in 3? Amazing faith you guys have (or is it a lack of faith in Thiem? lol) but i would be amazed if Murray can take a set today. 6-2 is actually better than i expected, Thiem is a top 10 player and clay specialist or not, he should be beating this version of Murray easily.
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    Grass court tournaments above 250?

    I've been saying for years that they need to upgrade both Halle and Queens to masters and re-organise the schedule so players can play both events. There are 9 masters, why can't we have 3 on each surface? Or better yet, how about we have 8 masters but we have 2 slow-hard, fast-hard, clay, grass...
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    Who is not happy that Nadal won the US open this year?

    I'm disappointed that Medvedev couldn't finish it off. That comeback would of been a hell of a story and maybe a stepping stone and sign to the world that the next gen is coming but instead we got another generic win for the oldies.
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    Nadal/Fognini Relationship

    They have a very good reletionship
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    Biggest tankers in the Open Era. Poll.

    Hmm is it Safin? Kyrgios? Or the guy who literally has the word "tank" in his nickname? It's obviously Tomic. Have you seen some of his classic tanks? Serving weakly into the net, He was doing underarm serving before Kyrgios made it popular. He would swap hands to return the ball. He has served...