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    It was 30 years ago today

    You couldn't find 2 personalities more opposite than Connors and Federer. Where Connors was brash and defiant, Federer was introvert and insecure. One is the people's champion, the other the corporate champion. One has married a beauty queen and playboy pageant, the other a matron.
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    It was 30 years ago today

    I've read he was using blood transfusions to resolve the problem of lactic acid buildup. I think he replaced something like a quarter of his total blood supply between each of his matches. Otherwise i don't see how he could have managed all these exploits.
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    Will the USO women's final influence Serena's decision whether to retire now or not?

    Regressed ? LOL. No amount of fitness will prevent injury from old age. She did exactly what you wrote and got subsequently injured; this injury wasn't because she wasn't fit enough; it's because her body's beat up and because SHE'S OLD. Like Fed, the cartilage in her knees is GONE; you...
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    Any news about the ongoing Becker trial ? " Boris Becker Trial postponed – has he switched lawyers? Boris Becker will have to assert himself in court from March 2022. © Landmark Media / ImageCollect Shortly before the start of the trial against Boris...
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    Any news about the ongoing Becker trial ?

    Obviously, you're prejudiced against gingers. This won't stand on appeal, i can promise you that much.
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    Any news about the ongoing Becker trial ?

    Becker's latest bankruptcy trial started on the 13 th september, 8 days ago. Does anyone have any inside info ? Google stays very quiet about it.
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    Emma Raducanu News

    Nah, she's young and very cerebral she will hold it toegether for many years
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    Emma Raducanu News

    ESPN ran an article 5 days ago about her sitting on a potential 20 million dollars advertisement fortune in just a few years time.
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    Casuals Will Be Talking Federer for the Next 25 Years

    40-15 will be talked about for the next 25 years. 14 RG titles (2022 to deliver) will instead be talked about for the next 200 years.
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    Most efficient player of all time?

    Gambling like Pete doesn't equal efficiency. Or otherwise, he would have done better on clay. The most efficient player from any part of the court i ever saw was McEnroe. Against Borg, you had to feel pity for Bjorn because he was spending 3 times as much energy as John to win his services...
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    Nadal and lefthandedness

    One funny thing happening when one turns a lefty into a righty (Rosewall, Margaret Court) is they start executing their shots as a perfect mirror of their left hand instead of reinventing their strokes as a righty. Rosewall's backhand was typically a left hand backhand motion mirrored as a...
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    Djokovic looks spent and used up, we will see if he really is the equal of Federer or Nadal...

    And he lost in straight sets....against the guy he demolished just 6 months ago on a similar surface.
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    Raducanu's Draw Revisited?

    You can only beat whose in front of you. But i think it's a perfectly point to make. You have to ask yourself if Raducanu wins the tournament if she and Fernandez were switched in the draw. In my view it's not so sure she would have won: 40 Yes -60 No
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    Djokovic looks spent and used up, we will see if he really is the equal of Federer or Nadal...

    Totally concur. If he had lost in close fought match, his aura would have been intact. Instead, after all his bravado (about enjoying pressure) and record breaking aspirations, he's shown his true colors: he cannot hold his nerves on crucial moments against inferior opposition. I wouldn't be...