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    2012 Wimbledon Gentlemen's FINAL - [3] Roger FEDERER vs. [4] Andy MURRAY

    murray's tears raining on Roger's epic victory
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    Long Live The King The Joker Is Dead

    Fed proving why he is goat. 31 y/o and doing this, unbelievable
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    Wimbledon is pure class

    the best food in england is the Indian food.
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    Roger Federer - Comic Genius!

    it is really dumb. the current brit monarchs are actually germans and the greatest case of welfare the world has ever seen. i don't get it.
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    Kissing 'n' biting!!!:-)

    biting silver trophies is really dumb, gold makes sense
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    Top 100 highest paid athletes. Roger, Rafa and Nole in the list.

    45 mil a yr in endorsements seems impossible
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    Best tennis club in Houston

    Thank you!
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    Best tennis club in Houston

    Well, I am ~36, been out of playing for a while. I want a nice club to play some people at my level, also some instruction for myself. Kids are very little, so mo for future planning if they take to tennis to get them some instruction. Some social events and some nice quality people around...
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    Best tennis club in Houston

    Looking for the best club for adults and eventually my kids. Opinions appreciated. Thank you.
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    Federer's most angry face of all time?

    Damn fed is awesome Still cares despite being goat
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    THE WRATH OF GOAT: Documenting When Federer Becomes Angri-er

    That anger today was so f-ing awesome. GOAT anger
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    Will nadal ever dominate roland garros?

    Fed has reached the final of all slams and yr end tourrnament at least 5 times - that is called GOAT.
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    Federer meets Olympic Gold medalist Hottie!

    Fed is a total alpha male, but really only when it comes to tennis. He is basically a shy guy, bit of a dork and a good guy inside. His behavior and loyalty to his family despite GOAT status is something to truly admire. I bet he would get more nervous trying to bed a hottie like Vonn than...
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    Tennis Vs Golf

    Back when I was real young tennis was very very popular. You had to wait on public courts. You could hit at any wall and find someone to play with within 5 mins. Now, you pretty much have to join a club to get regular tennis. Sad, but golf is much bigger now.