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    Wide feet

    Vapor Cage 4 - wide-ish fit without being overly wide. I wore true to size and it was slightly long but very roomy, went down half a size and its normalish length and a little slimmer. Note: the toe box is roomy, the volume just behind the toes where the laces start is pretty good, the wrap...
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Before mostly, but also yoga with some hamstrings 7x per week
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Closer to the latter. I live in a swamp so in the summer it's routinely 90+ Temps and 80+ Humidity.
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Thanks, I'm not offended. I'm in reasonable shape. I will note that I've suffered from heat exhaustion/stroke a few times in the past. Not sure if that makes me more susceptible for cramps
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    Suggestions for preventing cramps

    Looking for suggestions to prevent hydrate and cramps. Seems like everytime i play my hamstrings tighten up, can't make it through a singles match without tweaking my hamstrings Currently using - bananas + water to nuun tablets, coconut water (3:1 ratio) + pickle juice upon cramping TIA
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    What is a good sunscreen?

    I use coppertone pure and simple mineral sunscreen
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    Topspin One handed backhand forward swing

    Personally I believe you are overthinking it. You're focusing on particular aspects of (certain pro's) techniques rather than the intent behind their swing. In my experience you can go straight from take back to swing (without drop) only on higher balls where you need minimal lift to clear the...
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    Topspin One handed backhand forward swing

    The video isn't close enough for me to confirm what grip you're holding, but here is my take: - first bh - your footwork appears to be very inefficient and it causes you to take the ball late with an open racket face causing your shot to sail. May have just been a result of a late split step...
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    just say no to the bootie

    tongue typically creates hotspots on my foot. bootie is tighter but more secure
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav v2 REVIEW

    Thanks for your review. I've been playing in the LAV 1's (4th pair) and Cage 4 (3rd pair). Personally I found the LAV 1 to initially have very good playing characteristics but dropped off sharply after ~2months (the fresh foam bottomed out like the lunarfoam cages). I've been waiting for the LAV...
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    Miscommunication with grips.

    Don't forget the handshake method of determining grips! When you grab your racket and lower your arm to the side if it's parallel with your leg/foot it's in continental grip. Eastern, semi-western and western will encroach further toward perpendicular.
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    Would someone tank a set to keep from getting bumped?

    So as someone with two repaired achilles, bad knees (2), slight shoulder impingement, and chronic lower back issues the 5 - 10 minute warm up period generally isn't enough to allow me to go close to 100%. So yes, its possible for someone who hasn't lost all year to drop the first set and look...
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    ProKennex Appreciation Thread

    I'm really enjoying the Qtour 300 (2018). Kind of curious to try the 315/325 versions as well as the new Black Ace. Previously used the redondo mid, it had the best racket feel when you hit the sweetspot clean, unfortunately for me it wasn't that often.
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    How often do y'all restring?

    Usually 2-3 weeks playing ~8-14hrs of doubles per week. The poly that i use starts to slowly lose spin after 10-15 hrs, then noticeable loses spin a few hours before snapping. I alternate rackets so 1 is always "freshly" strung and the other somewhere on the road to snapping. If I'm playing a...
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    New Balance Lav V2

    is the forefoot cushioning better? I've found the freshfoam in the lavs tend to give out on my around month 3-4. The forefoot especially seems rather low. I'm considering making the move to zoom cage 4's specifically in the hopes that the forefoot zoom cushioning lasts longer. Also noticed...