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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    What he said, this is for real happening.
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    starting mains at edge instead of middle

    Wonder who said that, also in CLT. At the IART a couple years ago they broke a record for racquets in an hour. The fastest guys were 5-6 racquets but no one was stringing properly. Tournament rooms expect 5 every 2 hours on average.
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    I hope this isnt one of you guys.

    Wait you guys don't clamp two mains at a time with one clamp?
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    Stringing at the USTA National Campus in Florida

    Seen plenty of people go in patterns of 4 per side. Wouldn't go more than that but I think it's just personal preference.
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    Babolat FSI stringing patterns

    1 piece is tough if you really want to string top down. Richard Parnell has a Parnell ATW that works perfect for the FSI Pure Drive. Don't even bother trying for the Pure Aero. Just make sure you always tie off your top cross on the right side of the racquet is facing up.
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    Check the tension of stringer

    Wow love how you use the scale handle to hook on the billiard.
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    New Balance 996 v2 replacement

    Love the lotto Raptor. Feels low to the ground with a nice ample toe box compared to the asics. I always feel like I'm in stilts with the gel res.
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    Feet too Hot!

    This is a great remedy. Also upgrade your socks. If you wear cotton Hanes your feet will generally sweat and heat up. Try a performance sock, I like the vitalsox but anything like a lightweight running sock should work.
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    How to improve fit on a half size bigger shoe?

    You can always wear a thick thorlo sock. They recommend sizing a half size up for their socks and that would be cheaper than adding an insole.
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    Nike Cage 3

    I didn't get to try them on. I don't believe they are a drastically different width wise to the 2's. Visually they probably look slimmer but I think that's because they removed most of the bulk. I think you will be happy. I left being impressed and I am usually pessimistic about Nike.
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    Stringing at the USTA National Campus in Florida

    I'm confused as to what isn't impressive about that. Seems to be doing everything correct.
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    Starting knot for super hard string

    I have literally had four gamma clamps fall apart and had to glue them back on.
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    String buzz problem solving.

    Did you start your crosses on the correct side? If the butt cap logo is facing up your top cross tie off should be on the right side. It could be possible that the string not sitting properly inside the grommets would make it sound strange. I would lean towards the trap door as well but it seems...
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    Afew questions for experienced stringers

    Make sure you scrub those clamps. Get a brush that can fit inside the clamp and clean. Clamps are going to gunk up where the base and clamp body meet. Teflon grease is alright to use but you need to be deligent about cleaning because the grease can attract dirt. Don't use wd-40, slides nice for...
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    Best stringer under $1000

    Always get an alpha unless you can spend the big bucks. Talk to Mark Gonzalez.