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    Where would number one woman rank on ATP?

    Here we go.... AGAIN:unsure:
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    Medvedev out of Monte Carlo with covid

    Wow, that really escalated.
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    A Question for the Elder Statesmen: What did Club Tennis Look Like in the 60's and 70's?

    Short shorts and jock straps, mixed drinks in club bar after, and then hopefully taking a lady home for a nightcap in the 280Z.
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    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    Should have went to the original Pro Staff. 65 inches of flexy goodness.
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    Djokovic already won

    How most of the world views tennis.
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    Djokovic already won

    Newsflash, 98% of people in the "West" could care less about tennis.
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    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    Will be a great replacement for my Air Monarch's.
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    ON (The Roger) tennis shoes

    Impressive G chord by Roger.
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    1999 FO -- Hingis Was Right

    Fitting in a Leo Sayer reference in a Hingis-Graf thread, you win the interwebs today.
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    1999 FO -- Hingis Was Right

    I had oatmeal this morning.
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    Fixing your forehand during the match

    It is difficult to explain other than when you have played with a racquet for over 30 years it just feels right in your hands and everything starts to click. If it wasn't for having to face the occasional big server, I would never have stopped playing with it, because it does become somewhat of...