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    Biggest Underachiever: Nalbandian, Tsonga, or Dimitrov?

    Marcelo Rios merits a mention here
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    Annoying Habits?

    FAA and Kevin Anderson- cannot stand watching them serve with those ridiculous pauses mid-motion. Any player (Sonego, sometimes Schwartzman) who grunts AFTER, and much long after they make contact with the ball. Cilic's frenetic ball bouncing and back leg shaking makes me anxious. Tsitsipas...
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    What Would Make Cincinnati A Success For Andy Murray?

    Play a good match against Gasquet. Win or lose, if he plays well, he should go away happy. More importantly staying healthy.
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    What bothers you more about the new generations of players?

    The man just turned 19 a few days ago.
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    I'm in love

    Hahah take it easy brother. I am partial to Bouchard myself.
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    Who Has The Greatest Name In Tennis History?

    Alejandro Davidovich Fokina Bjorn Fratangelo
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    I'm in love

    Ostapenko anyone??
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    Nick Kyrgios is saving tennis

    What's up bro?
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    Nick Kyrgios is saving tennis

    Some people will hate the guy no matter what he does. The reality is, the guy has more personality than anyone on the tour and he is entertaining. There are many more people tuned in for Kyrgios-Nishioka than there would be for Zverev-Nishioka, and that is because NK is entertaining. Love him or...
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    Tomic harder to explain than Kyrgios

    Yes I was impressed with his fantatsic strategy- very unorthodox player, breah of fresh air. NK is more talented though, his wins against the Big 3 have convinced me. Tomic usually tries, he is just way less physical and flat out slower than most other pros, which would get him killed against...
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    Nick not looking good

    Yep, exactly like them. Except that he has much better strokes, and actual variety and flair to his game. So basically not like them.
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    What happened to Newport?

    What in the world? I turn on TC to watch the rerun of Mischa Zverev-Pospisil. The court looks like an absolute abomination. Is the ATP adding a new surface called "dirt"? Looks worse than Centre Court in the Wimby final. Maybe the tournament hasn't checked on the courts in a few weeks? On...
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    In all seriousness, Anderson has been impressive, and I do like him as a player. However, the fist pumps and "come ons" after every point really drive me crazy. And this is coming from a Hewitt fan.