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    Peak Hewitt > peak djokovic

    You must forget your medication! Ability wise? Quality opposition? Hewitt's peak was between the tail end of Sampras/Agassi and early rise of Federer. He had perfect opportunity to win more than 2 slams. Djokovic is competing against two of the best players of all time during their peak and/or...
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    Why is Rafa's game taxing to the body but not Novak's?

    Djokovic has much more compact strokes from both sides, doesn't swing as wildly as Nadal, plus he stays closer to the baseline much more than Nadal even on clay, thus overall, his game is a lot less taxing than Nadal's, but much more taxing than Federer's.
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    Who would win?

    Silly question. It depends on who plays better that day. Nothing is static.
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    the best one slam winner

    Roddick. Not only he reached No. 1, but also he had one year end No. 1, which is a very exclusive club, much more so than slam winner.
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    Fed secures #1 despite USO results.

    Had they done that, top guys like Federer would skip more master events. The tour has to try to find the balance between the importance of slams and supporting regular tour events. If top players were to focus exclusively on slams, they wouldn't get to play against each other that much...
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    Comparing Federer and Nadal in Masters Series

    Not sure about playing on clay/grass will make huge difference to him from health point of view. Almost every year with exception of one or two, his knee problem occurred right after clay/grass season. To me, he played too much during clay season to get the ranking points - he typically played 3...
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    Will they catch Fed ?

    You have an understanding problem. Federer IS serving slower today than he was at his peak. That is a fact no matter what you say. You said he is doping. I just ask why he serves slower?
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    Will they catch Fed ?

    He had the best indoor season during his career last year, even better than when he was at his peak. Since then he has become much more aggressive than the last a few years. You still haven't answered what type of doping can make you serve slower and more accurate.
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    Andy Murray must be thinking:

    His BH, ROS, and movement are definitely weapons against Federer, but his 1st serve is weapon when in but his 1st serve percentage has been low, and his slice doesn't bother Federer at all because Federer likes low bouce ball in general.
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    Andy Murray must be thinking:

    Completely different match. Del Potro dictated most of rallies with his hard and flat shots against Federer while Federer dictates most rallies against Murray. Thus Federer's level of play against Del Potro is not necessarily indicating his level of play against different style player like Murray.
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    Will they catch Fed ?

    His serve speed has definitely slowed compare to himself before, it doesn't matter what you say. He used to serve in high 120s or low 130s more frequently than he does right now as he serves mostly in low to mid 120s. Confidence is a big factor, it comes from winning more matches.
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    What has happened to Djokovic's level?

    Confidence is a factor. To pull off those shots like he did last year, he needs to be really confident. He is nowhere near as confident this year as last year. In addition, both Nadal and Federer said last year, Djokovic couldn't keep that kind of level up all the time. His level dropped after...
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    Will they catch Fed ?

    Even after doping according to you, his serves are slower speed wise but more accurate in placement than before. What kind of doping does that?
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    Tipsarevic: " Junior Boy will crush Serena Williams"

    5.0 guy to smoke any female player? What are you smoking? If a 5.0 guy can smoke any female player on any surface, then he isn't a 5.0.