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    Which is the heaviest tennis ball?

    tretorn pressureless balls - a shoulder killer!
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    For those with a Wise Tensioner

    $100, plus I paid shipping to Herb - add another 10.
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    For those with a Wise Tensioner

    I have had mine since the spring of 05. First problem I had was this fall when the tension head "kicked up" and got off track. Sent it back to Herb and he fixed it, tuned it up and it has run flawless since. Going back to the crank was a terrible 2 weeks... If I would buy again - great...
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    Wise 2086 Pro tension head problem

    I had the same problem in Sept of this year. Sent it back, if it happens again I will open it up try that. It made a grinding noise and went all the way back to the panel. Tilted up at an angle. The wise has been flawless other than that...I have had mine for many many years...
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    Gosen OG sheep vs OG Micro

    Like Nuke said, this has been debated for many years on this forum. I buy the reel, it is cheaper and does the job for a good inexpensive syn gut.
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    Shop stringer discourages the X-2

    That is why everyone needs a FlowBee.
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    My stringing business... Website progress. Comments?

    Your links on the contact page don't work. Good luck with your business.
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    I remember PSA, I was a member also. I still have some old business cards with that information on the cards...Seems like it was in the late 70's.
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    Prince Pro 110?

    Probably the most popular prince racket. It followed up the classic. I would guess it was 1980 that it was introduced. Had a problem "spooning and bending" you often saw them lopsided. One of the easiest racket to string. I used to string one at 80 lbs for this really big hitter, don't...
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    power pads?

    Everyone used to use them on wood rackets on the 4 main strings. Don't really think they made any difference. The theory was the it reduce the angle, and was easier on the string. Cutting up on old leather or replacement grip would work...
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    Dos anyone else do this?

    Illegal - You can't be serious!!! Everyone used to do this in the 60's and 70's and probably before. Look at old photos of stan smith, even billie jean king held 2 balls when serving. Nearly everyone had a 1 handed backhand.
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    Worlds Fastest Stringer???

    Ektelon Model D - I had mine for many years!!!
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    What is a GOAT

    Your welcome...
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    What is a GOAT

    Greatest Of All Time GOAT
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    What would you pick?

    As a long time owner of the Ektelon Model D and Model H - I would have to go with a neos, but the Apex 2 would be a very close second.