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    2006 Nadal or 2011 Nadal - which version was better in the Wimbledon Final ?

    I hear VB constantly say there is no relevance between BO3 and the cream of the crop that are Majors, and Novak was yet to beat Nadal in Majors prior to that final, so I left it open to debate whether something else was behind Nadal's lousy level of clutch. :p
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    2006 Nadal or 2011 Nadal - which version was better in the Wimbledon Final ?

    He reached higher levels in 2006 during middle sets but wasn't good outside of them. In 2011 he was alright but went missing on some big points as Djokovic probably got into his head by then. Novak deals comfortably with that younger version too I think.
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    Slamless Medvedev to reach no1?

    If he does, can't see him keeping it for long. He has to defend the final or the title of literally every big tournament after Wimbledon.
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    Djokovic is in a slow decline, but his fans don't acknowledge it yet

    It's acknowledged for the most part. Drop in consistency means he is no longer a heavy favorite in long rallies, drop in depth means he is not forcing opponents to hit baseline half volleys as often as he used to, which combined with his longer reaction time now makes it less difficult for the...
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    Some Hard Truths

    Personally I don't think I will miss the GOAT race when it's over, as much as I want Djokovic to win it under most criteria. I'm fine with embracing more unpredictability in the future. Olympics - WTF comparison in tennis, meh we beat that dead horse a hundred times before, no reason to do it...
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    7-0 at Wimbledon or 9-0 at AO?

    It doesn't. But it's even less so with 2011. The whole point is you saying 2011 was Djokovic's only 3 Slam season. Unless you're a casual, it's a very odd mistake to say the least.
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    7-0 at Wimbledon or 9-0 at AO?

    So you remembered and cared enough to bring up his 3 Slam season in 2011, yet 2015 was too long ago for you to remember and consider relevant? Jeez...
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    What went wrong in 2021 Australian Open final?

    While Djokovic had a decent "warm up" for the final by facing Zverev, he himself brought to the table what none of Medvedev's previous AO opponents were even close to bringing - stunning deep returns. Well controlled aggression, good net approaches and use of the whole court were all on point...
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    Favorite Open Era Decade

    Give it another two decades though and I will probably preach about the Djokovic 2010s masterclass to the new generations every chance I get lol...
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    Favorite Open Era Decade

    Hard question. I loved all of the last three I got to see. But I will go with the 90s for the nostalgia and everything you said yourself. Except the Pete part, stunning AA is the one who got me hooked. :p
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    Straight from the godfather's mouth of madness

    How did Novak turn out so stunning I'll never know lol...
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    Yeah it's a waste of time now. We are on cloud nine at the moment after all. :)
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    The way I see it, many points that people use for Nadal being better at the US Open speak even more favorably for Djokovic at Wimbledon. And personally I'm not going to elevate Nadal to mythical grass status just based on the 2008 final, as stunning as it was. But that's just me I guess.
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    Who's greater: Nole or Rafa?

    It's fair enough only when you don't see me arguing it lol...