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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    Who said I was broke? I'm guessing you're either well off, don't have kids, or maybe you're well off and have kids. Maybe money is tight but tennis means a lot to you. I don't know. Don't judge someone you don't know. I see people call you a troll and maybe they're right. Maybe not. Maybe...
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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    Look I understand why you might feel the way you do. You don't know me personally. You don't know my personality so it's tricky. You see what I and others post and interpret it how you want. I don't know your post history, you personally or your personality. I read what I read and interpret...
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    Greatest mystery of the universe ??

    How does anything exist? You can't create something out of nothing right? It's an amazing infinite question with no answer. If there's a God how was God created? What created God? And what created the thing that created God and so forth? I like to think there's parallel universes and life...
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    My eco-friendly balls

    I love the signature. Reminds me of playing Top Gun and Threshold on my commodore from way back.
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    Which type of player is the worst to play with?

    Jerks. They're the worst. Come in all shapes and sizes. I've been good at weeding them out over the years and am fortunate to play with good groups of people.
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    Are there any good tennis partner/hook up sites?

    Try I've met people there and if you're lucky there's a group in your area that meets up during the week or weekends.
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    Opponent wanted to only serve from one side?

    That's why I always carry a hat with me. I have a couple extras as well that someone else could use (I don't wear them, I have one specific hat I wear). I used to play with someone where we'd stay on the same side of the net for a set. I'm not sure why we did that. We both knew the rules...
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    Best tennis balls to use?

    Sorry, I'm an idiot. I mean the Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra.
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    Best tennis balls to use?

    @Tennis sensation I don't see those listed on the site, unless I'm searching for them wrong. @tennis347 do you mean these: @ChaelAZ do you mean these...
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    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    I think that's a stubbornness problem on his end. Yeah he got to what, #8 in the world a couple years ago on the heels of winning a masters tournament. He then did nothing after that. Not sure if he thought it was going to be easy since he was that high up, that people would cower at him...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Saw Arctic (2019) with the wife on Amazon Prime. I like Mads Mikkelsen, but it was just, well boring. Ok you're in the arctic in a crashed plane and you're trying to survive. Someone else is with you who doesn't do squat. You're like awesome at survival and know so many things. But there's...
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    Best tennis balls to use?

    I've looked around on here and seen people complain about all different types of balls and also say how awesome they are. I'm used to the Costco Penn balls, but apparently they're not selling them now as they're out of season. I prefer to buy in bulk as it will last me a year or so. Where I...
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    Are you using a vibration dampener or not?

    Yes. My wife got it for me. It's a poo emoji holding a tennis ball. I'm not sure what she's saying to me. Is my tennis game crap? Does she think tennis is crappy? Was she just being funny? The world will never know.
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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    Never claimed I had superior talented tennis skills. Said if I had 5k to spend on lessons when I was younger I'd likely be where I said I'd be. Athletics come naturally to me. I'm not being rude about it, I'm just stating a fact about who I am as a person. I don't let it define me. I could...
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    To Get Better At Singles, Play More Doubles...

    Someone said it earlier, but you need a good doubles partner. I did a meetup this past weekend and was warming up with someone who I would've hit singles against. But we had a 3rd person join and then eventually a 4th. It was clear that my partner was the weaker player, but they were able to...