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    If Federer plays like he did today, he will beat Djokovic

    Even if he serves as well as he did today, he'll need to return much better than he did during last year's final if he's to stand a realistic chance.
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    Borg: "That's the best I've seen Federer play for maybe 10 years"

    I do think Federer's overall level today is being slightly overhyped. It was certainly one of his best (probably the best) serving day he's ever had, which allowed him to ratchet up the pressure on Murray at the end of each set. The rest of his game was very good, and it was a very clean match...
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    Wawrinka could be the Amelie Mauresmo of Men's Tennis

    He has a hell of a lot to defend, though. Indian Wells (will be tough) Madrid, Rome, French Open (75% chance he defends RG and at least one of those Masters events) Montreal and Cincy (I can't see him retaining both of those) US Open (several other players could win here) I agree he's...
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    Nadal's 2013 achievements highlighted by weak era.

    Well, it sort of renders your previous point useless. I understand that you're looking at this from a very Nadalcentric viewpoint, but it seems ridiculous to claim that 2013 was a more exciting slam year than 2012. Not sure how this is relevant, either. I'm pretty sure Bartleby's point was...
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    Nadal's 2013 achievements highlighted by weak era.

    Eh? There were two five-set slam finals in 2012 and two tightly-contested four-setters. In 2013 you had an anticlimactic Aus Open final, blowouts at RG and Wimbledon and a disappointing US Open final.
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    Nadal Overtake Federer For Most Weeks in Top 2

    Sure. Dominance over one guy you match up favourably against trumps dominance over everybody else. Okay.
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    Will Wawrinka win more slams than Murray?

    Are you from Britain? You can't be if you're seriously trying to claim that Murray winning Wimbledon lacked fire or passion, regardless of how comprehensive his victory over Djokovic. His match with Baghdatis was one of my favourite matches from 2013.
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    Andy Murray has a back problem.

    He looked good against Roger, despite looking about as 60% as sharp as normal. Assuming his back's okay and he gets a few matches under his belt, I think he wins Miami and goes on to retain his Wimbledon title.
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    Will you embrace Federer, if he is not too arrogant

    At least Fed's honest. Rafa's so unbearably saccharine - aided by his broken English - it makes me feel queasy.
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    Props to Murray's Streak in Top 5

    Brilliant streak. He's the benchmark for hard work and persistence.
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    Nadal Overtake Federer For Most Weeks in Top 2

    2011 seemed pretty bridesmaidy to me. And Rafa didn't seem to enjoy it all that much.
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    Nadal Overtake Federer For Most Weeks in Top 2

    It certainly seems an odd record to celebrate given what else he's achieved.
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    Writing an article on unlikely slam victories-help needed

    Thomas Johannson. Beat Safin for the 2002 Aus Open title. Edit: Wow - I really did not read the OP.
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    Will this final be remembered as 'Stan beats the injured Nadal'

    It's this sort of pointless speculation that irritates people. Rafael Nadal - the hypothetical champion of the world. He wasn't 100%. Keeping yourself fit is part of being a great champion; it's not blind luck. You also have no idea that Wawa wouldn't have been able to sustain that level...
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    Will this final be remembered as 'Stan beats the injured Nadal'

    Yes. Because the media and certain fans will bleat about it until the end of time. Despite the fact that Stan more than proved himself against Djokovic and during the first set and a half of the final.