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Dec 16, 2017 at 5:40 PM
    1. JohnBPittsburgh
      Yes you did!! I became an authorized distributor, and you are a teaching pro!! I guess when the forum changed over, we lost the conversation! I have to get better, before I can apply for a teaching pro! Have a great day, go Team Prince!!
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    2. JohnBPittsburgh
      Hello, I am looking into applying for a job with Prince. I saw you have "team prince" in your signature and was wondering what that entails. You also seem to have had access to Prince textremes early, and I am so thankful for all the information you have shared. So, what is your relationship to Prince, sponsored player, or racquet tester. I went to their website and you can upload a resume, and I am just trying to gather some information before I send one in. Thank you for your time, I am loving my Textreme tour 100. I actually just came from winning with it!! That thread helped me to make an informed decision on which stick to get, so thank you again!
      1. themitchmann
        Hey John. Did I ever reply to your message? I feel like I did, but with the changes to the forum this year, it's hard to tell. Let me know and I'll respond accordingly. Thanks!
        Nov 11, 2015
    3. oldman1966
      hi...thanks once more for your advice....I will get the Tex 95 even I still love my POG
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