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    Adidas shoe question

    Hi TW. Any idea when you'll be receiving more inventory...the adidas selection is looking pretty bare!
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    Adidas Shoes with Best Forefoot Cushioning?

    Hi TW. Can you steer me in the right direction? I'm looking for an Adidas shoe with the best forefoot cushioning. I've tried the Defiant Bounce, as well as the Ubersonic 2 and 3, but haven't tried a Barricade in a couple of years. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Any experience with Adidas adizero defiant bounce.

    They might be ok for very low arches/flat feet, but I wouldn't buy another pair - not enough support.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    I had a very different experience with the racquet than you did (while I didn’t care for the feel, I found it to have plenty of power...more than I like personally). Based on your comments, I was merely trying to confirm your suspicion that the frame was strung too tightly. I’m sorry to have...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    I don't appreciate your tone, especially considering the fact that I was trying to confirm your initial diagnosis (it was your "brilliant deduction"). I remain on this forum to try to be helpful to others. It seems no good deed goes unpunished. My experience with the Tour is that it is plenty...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene Touch Prestige Tour/Mid Racquet

    It's strung too tight. The demo I tested was not bad at all, though it definitely has that "modern" feeling.
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    Natural Gut Breaking at Parnell Knot

    While I haven't strung many Babolats with Natural Gut, they do have a reputation for breakage around that area due to the design of the frame/string pattern (essentially, the angles the string has to overcome).
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    New Prince P7000 Stringing Machine

    The IART measured frame distortion from the 4 point point Prince machines and compared to a 6 point machine. They actually found the 4 point to better support the frame, leading to less distortion.
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    Pouille Specs, interesting

    Yellow was a pro stock, but the 100P is retail (with mods).
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    When is Prince Coming Out with a 97 or 98 Version of the Wonderful Textreme Tour 95?

    Tennis Warehouse is taking over distribution - that's it. Product will be of the same quality as the Textreme line, as the lead designer is still with the brand.
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    Prince Premier LT vs Premier Power?

    Very similar. PP has a slightly different coating (better, in my opinion).
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    Prince Phantom

    Prince will still exist. TW is taking over distribution.
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    Prince Phantom

    Yup, they will. And we will see it here on TW.
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    Prince 6000 used. Should I buy?

    The email I received when ABG (owners of the Prince brand) canceled all dealer accounts.