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  • Slight adjustment of my signature. Had to be a bit creative on my Latin, hope it doesn't suck - corrections are welcome, folks! :-D
    Almost... almost as good as my backhand ;)

    :lol: - I gave away my age already with my comments that I've actually seen Connors, McEnroe and Borg play - on the telly, but still. Age is just a number. ;)
    Well those 10 concerts were from a nearly thee-decade time span :lol: - so I'm an 'oldie' now. Still going to concerts and festivals of course! Never too old for rock 'n' roll. :D
    I used to not like anything post TBA, but I gave it a chance some time ago, and now Load has become my favourite album :)

    10 concerts? Daamn, I wish I was in your place ;)
    Yeah... it was, though I cannot remember much anymore, LOL! That was in the 'Glory Days of Being a Metal Fan'... :lol: In all I think I've seen them live about 10 times or so. Have to admit I gave up on them after the Black Album, but I've seen them on festivals a couple of times thereafter too.
    Whaaat? Damn, I'm so jealous of you :) How was the concert? Must've been pretty epic.

    R.I.P. Cliff!
    Tell you what... I have been to a concert of theirs from the "Ride The Lightning"- tour, when they were still underground - can't remember the year though. Must've been a lifetime ago :p. Some time later we got tickets for the "Master of Puppets"-tour (still their best album I think) here in Europe - but it got cancelled because of that horrible accident with the tourbus in Scandinavia. R.I.P. Cliff Burton! :sad:
    Well, they were truly in their peak. 83-93 Tallica = doesn't get any better than this. Then they went to their prime 94-00. 2003 was really solid and they went downhill from there, until 08-10 came and they did a "Nadal 2013".

    I haven't actually listened them live in 2014-2015, but I hear they were very good again :)
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