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    *** Boris Becker 11 Mid owners ***

    I'm still playing this racquet after all these years. It's the BOSS!!
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    TW Holiday gift card

    um... did you see the FAQ's on the same page? and as with any gift card, i'm sure you can pay the difference in any means that TW accepts payments.
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    Which dampener?

    #64 rubberband
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    Is Topspin CF and Gosen OGSM still the best bang for your buck hybrid??

    when you say BHBR are you referring to Big Hitter Blue Rough?
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    Is Topspin CF and Gosen OGSM still the best bang for your buck hybrid??

    As the title says. If not, what is your opinion?
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    Breathe 2K11 vs. Courtballistc 4.3

    Talk to me. Give me your opinions. I know breathes breath well but how are the 4.3's?
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    Ana Ivanovic is sickly skinny.

    I have not logged into this site in a very long time. But this post drew me out of retirement. Truer words have never been spoken. I hope Aykhan will share his thoughts on this subject and many others.
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    Federer losing matches after having match points this year

    Not his destiny! Perhaps this might be true. But it has nothing to do with him being the best tennis player in history. Maybe his destiny is to be a great father and husband, maybe a great philanthropist and humanitarian. I wish I was best who ever did something and then find out it wasn't...
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    So you want to scam someone?

    I hope people are reading this.
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    So you want to scam someone? This scammer is in jail and you could be next. Just thought I'd share a thread from another board I visit. It's a bit old, but serves as proof that scamming on the internet can land you in jail.
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    I'm writing CFA level 1 on Saturday....

    ... and I'm going to fail :cry: I have been studying consistently since November, and very hard for the past month and a half. I feel so lost at this late stage. I'm not scoring as well on mock exams as I would like and every time I learn something new, something else gets pushed out. I'm...
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    Accidentally bought 2 shirts!

    Amazing what the youth of today will try and pull. :shakesheads:
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    How do you tape a shoulder for tennis?

    anyone got a good link for taping a shoulder for tennis? Saw some stuff on youtube, but not sure what is right.
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    Tourna Grip Newsflash!

    since when does TW allow advertising like the OP? Why hasn't this guy been banned?
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    Gillette's SIX Blade Razor (stop the insanity)

    DE shaving is the way to go. I've been using an Edwin Jager DE89L for several months now. Quality soaps and good brush to round it out.