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    Tsitsipas new kicks

    Looks like it’s going to stink after wearing once lol
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    Can any one racquet do it all?

    Prestige mp
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    New Pure Drive 2018?!

    Just saw leaked photos on google too. The beam looks exactly the same with a babolat drive max 110 paint job lol. If they also come out with a VS version then that's probably the smaller head with flat beam they're talking I really hope it looks better in person. I hate all puredrive...
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Sorry, yes the paint is beautiful if u like blue. There's no white. Shape and shaft still looks like a puredrive :)
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    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Just saw the new pure drive catalog. They look nice!
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    Head Graphene Touch Speed MP and PRO review

    I'm a Babolat PD(leaded) user, bought head touch MP 2 weeks ago. Only added leather grip on it, used it on a real match without even practicing with it first(easily won my match). It was definitely comfortable on groundstrokes/volleys, more flexible and almost same power as my puredrive. I'm...
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    Babolat Pure Drive and elbow pain, what are the risks?

    I switched to the current pd 2yrs ago. I didn't want to cus I hate the look of it, but I play so much better with it compare to my prostaff(used for 7years). You just have to find the right tension and gauge of your strings so it won't hurt ur arms. I use 17gauge poly(gamma motto) at 50lbs...
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    Solinco Hyper-G

    played with hyper g 16 for a month. I've been using solinco tourbites 16 for 2 years. all i can say is they are very similar but hyper-g is a bit softer and easy on the arm. bottomline, it's a green tourbite version lol.
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    new prestige release?

    saw the new prestige at a local shop. mostly flat black from middle of racket and down, little red, top of racket is a shiny black. it was the 93" head version that i saw. they said it wont be out til the end of this year. but it looks beautiful!
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    Fellow Fat Players!

    i love this thread haha
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    The Official Wilson Pro Staff 95s Fan Club

    nice thanks! but im worried if i switched to 16g ripspin from 15g it might last less than 8 hours because u r using 6.1 95-s with 18x16 instead of our ps95-s with 16x15. anyone else using 16g ripspin lasting more than 8 hours with ps 95-s?
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    The Official Wilson Pro Staff 95s Fan Club

    still didnt break my ripspin 15g yet, its been about 10 sets already maybe around 15 hours now. its finally showing that its about to break. So this string will last if u dont wanna keep restringing and it feels good. my tension is 46.
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    The Official Wilson Pro Staff 95s Fan Club

    anyone else using any poly strings here that are 16 gauges and are lasting 8 hours with them? i recommend 15g ripspin though. my tension is 44 or sometime 46. dont go that low if ur not as consistent or balls will be flying haha. but im loving this setup right now.
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    The Official Wilson Pro Staff 95s Fan Club

    lux 4g 16(1.30) lasted less than 2 sets. wilson ripskin 15g lasted 8 sets and counting (its still looking good). Feels good too. i'm a solid 4.0 who hits flat and big topspin too. Didn't want to go 15g but i aint that rich to keep restringing.
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    The Official Wilson Pro Staff 95s Fan Club

    Love the ps 95-s, I'm a long time ps90 user for about 8 years. switch to blx ps95 last year. Demoed this racket when it came out and bought it the next day. always have my specs with lux 4g(1.30) 16 gauge at 46 tension. Also used the same specs on ps95-s and its perfect with wilson leather grip...