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    There is too much ignorance here regarding nadal...

    I am proud of this thread ☺️
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    Djokodal since ‘09 Madrid

    I wouldn't. Winning 21 Wimbledon would be such an utterly ridiculous achievement than it alone qualifies someone to be considered in the GOAT debate. I mean you make it sound like it's easy for a 7 foot servebot to win Wimbledon, it really isn't as we can see by the history of winners. Sent...
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    Federer - one stat that no-one may ever break!!

    Novak has to win 2 more USO to do that which isn't exactly an impossible situation.
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    Federer - one stat that no-one may ever break!!

    Yes Federer is the GOAT of consecutive records. His GS final, SF and QF streaks are absolutely unbelievable and probably the hardest to beat of all his records.
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    “We all stop or none of us stop”

    Sounds like a ridiculous statement with a 6 year age gap. You bet Djokovic doesn't mean it at all. He is here to conquer all records and will give it everything his body has to offer. Same goes for Nadal but he didn't make this statement.
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    Big 3 and their most successful tournaments

    It's definitely worse. 4 runner ups are better than no runner ups. Like how is this even a discussion?
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    Nadal in 2017-2019.....5 Slams....1-4 h2h against Fedalovic in the Slams

    Nadal has had enough big match wins over the big 3 that he doesn't need them anymore for credibility.
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    Balanced slam distribution is better? Think again

    Let's suppose a player emerges in the near future that manages to win 20 GS at an exact distribution of 5-5-5-5. What happens there? That player wouldn't be the GOAT of anything and that would be deemed the biggest hole in their resume. There is no objectivity to slam distribution and it is a...
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    Nadal's chances to finish the year as No 1,if he wins the title?

    In my opinion he should only play the WTF if he wins USO. If he can still become no. 1 then great otherwise leave it. YE no. 1 is a useless stat in my opinion and it won't change even if Nadal ends up with 5. Weeks at no. 1 is the real deal and yes it would be nice to get to 200 weeks but is...
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    What is the point of the way tennis is structured as a whole today, if Rafa can win two slams not facing his two main rivals (who beat him in two

    What are you talking about? He beat Federer at the FO. And Thiem is arguably his biggest rival on clay whom he beat in the final. And really Nadal has not won the USO yet. He was looking good last year too and then got injured in the SF. So save all this talk after he has actually won.
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    Nadal and the toughest stat in tennis.....

    So does the same go for making a comeback from match points down? You let your opponent get to that point so who cares right?
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    Djokovic's Victory seems to have garnered a lot of publicity

    It's not as special as holding all 4 twice but it's more special for me than doing it once. I mean a record which minimum requires 8 GS is by default superior to one that requires 4. Streaks are incredibly over rated for the GOAT debate as far as I am concerned. I could as well argue winning 1...
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    Djokovic's Victory seems to have garnered a lot of publicity

    No that's not what I meant. Winning all majors twice or more. No one has done that in the modern era so it would be a really special achievement whenever it happens.
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    Djokovic's Victory seems to have garnered a lot of publicity

    It's not as special as being the only player in history to win each GS at least twice. If only Novak had won the FO you guys would have been all over the place about how special that is. But now of course being number 3 at Wimbledon is more special lmao. And well beating Federer in 3 finals is...