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    ATP Rotterdam 2021 R16: [4] Angrey Rublev vs Angry Murray

    I accept the Muzziah and pledge allegiance to His Gospel.
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    All these threads about Fed’s weak-era slam competition

    Most of the weak era arguments are dumb but this isn't a good counterpoint to bring up because many of the people who espouse that theory don't actually believe this (tl;dr strawman argument). They believe that Fed is a great player... but that he "feasted on a weak era". That is to say that he...
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    TTW loves Baghdatis <3

    He even tried to be #1 in 2006
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    Fed Fans - Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

    btw this isn’t a recent change of mind. I’ve had this opinion for awhile.
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    The brutally entertaining magic of Federer v Djokovic

    Too bad ATP can’t do Slam clips.
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    Had Roddick played at this level on grass

    Does apply to one more than the other tho
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    Is Rafael Nadal the best big match player among the BIG 3 ?

    I don’t think 7-8 years ago falls under the category of “nowadays”.
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    Insane 44 shot rally (Rotterdam)

    Meh, it’s a decent rally but nothing special till the last three shots or so.
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    Fernando Verdasco

    Yes, you.
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    Fernando Verdasco

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    Had Roddick played at this level on grass

    abmk :happydevil:
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    Had Roddick played at this level on grass

    I'm seeing more tennis anal-ysis than tennis analysis in this thread. You managed to make the argument that Djokovic is a better grasscourter than Roddick look dumb.
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    Since Djokovic's comeback in 2018

    I can tell you about one of them: His username is Laver's biggest achievement.