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    Pro's and String Reels

    Generally, yes. We made sure each reel had the player’s name on it. The only exception would be if a player gave permission for their string to be used by another player. When the eventual winner ran out I think one of the other players did offer to allow us to use his string if we’d needed to.
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    Pro's and String Reels

    At time of writing I’ve only done one pro event which was a combined ATP Challenger & WTA equivalent. Nearly all of the players left reels in the stringing room. There was one who provided pre cut string with each restring, as they had previously experienced stringers ‘stealing’ string...
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    Alex Bolt

    I’m glad it’s a new model. I was part of the stringing team for the Nottingham Trophy last week and did some of Bolt’s restrings - it irritated me that I couldn’t identify it.
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    Fan pattern for squash rackets?

    One thing to add to Paul’s advice, assuming these are Eye Rackets frames - be careful removing the old strings. Eye Rackets frames use individual grommets which might get dislodged if you pull the strings out from outside the frame. Cut the strings as normal, then snip the loops outside the...
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    Nishikori: serve racket and receiving racket?

    I haven’t seen any of Kei’s match with Felix but the clip in shows him switching between serving and receiving in the first set tiebreak. Marcelo Melo is the only other player I’ve seen use different racquets for serving and receiving.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I ordered a pair last month from Wilson’s GB site and was likewise surprised when I found out that they were coming from Germany. I’ve been expecting an invoice through the post to pay the VAT before delivery but I’ve had nothing. Yet the racquets arrived this morning! Hopefully our purchases...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I only bought them just before Christmas and with the lockdown in the UK I haven’t even strung them yet. It’s looking like it could be March or even April before I’ll get to try them. I expect the 308 one to take some getting used to as I’m more used to 300 or less.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Mine are in that range, I have 2 at 300 and a third at 308.
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    Head pallets on non-Head racquets

    Yes, people have tried:
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    RF Cap is back

    Mine arrived today, even though the estimated delivery was likewise the 21st.
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    RF Cap is back

    Same for me.
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    Prestrung "good" rackets and Prestrung in general (Wilson Six.One 2017)

    There’s a slightly old video on YouTube, though this is not necessarily how your Pro Staffs were strung:
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    Head TI S7, Prince O3 Platinum 125 , Wilson ultra xp 125...anyó ne ever try all three

    With no throat bridge the distance between the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions is greater than most, if not all, stringing machines can accommodate. The adapter allows the 6 o’clock support to reach the throat.
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    Grommet replacement

    It has the same mechanism as parallel pliers but the jaws are different. As shown on the Eagnas page, one has a threaded hole into which different sized pins are screwed. The other jaw has a cut out on the end opposite the pin. Older, worn badminton grommets can be hard to remove by hand. The...
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    Grommet replacement

    I have one of these and have only used it to remove badminton grommets, for which it’s excellent. I’ll have to try it on a tennis racquet to see what use it can be. I doubt it will be that useful though, it’s design seems much better suited to single grommets than those attached to a strip.