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    What is it about Paul Annacone that rubs me the wrong way?

    What is it about Paul Annacone that rubs me the wrong way? Probably the Jazz Hand(s) - very annoying. Is that even legal?
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    Highlight Vids

    Federer/Nadal Shanghai 2017 Final Rafa played pretty well, but Fed?
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    Laver Cup - I think we have a winner

    Laver Cup - I think we have a winner Yes, we do... So good he didn't even have to look at the ball! ;-)
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    Greatest rallies

    Lots of great rallies in this match... Both great players who could really flatten it out and spank that ball hard when they wanted to, but look at the speed and court coverage of Borg, and the amount of height/top he got on a lot of his rally balls with that little old woodie. Amazing!
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    Greatest rallies

    Fed/Hewitt IW 2005 is really hard to top, but that Agassi/Sampras point has always been one of my favorites! Particularly since Pete won it. And from the baseline! ;-)
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    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    Nice pics! Another big PS 95 fan here. I don't have any hosted pics I can link to, but here's a nice vid on the 95... When I got back into playing in the mid 90's it was the middle of the Sampras era, and although I experimented with a variety of rackets I settled on the PS 85 and used that...
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    Highlight Vids

    Another nice collection, mostly full match vids.
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    How would former pros do against current college players

    Does anyone know if Sampras still hits with UCLA players? If so, how does it go? Any vids?
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    Hingis beats Venus at Greenbrier

    I know it's essentially an exo, but although these guys are a little slower around the court now they both still have some really good stuff left... I wonder if Mac and Hingis would still be effective playing mixed together at the pro level? I'm guessing yes.
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    Hingis beats Venus at Greenbrier

    Nice moves - not surprising! Now if Pete had joined in ... that would have been surprising! ;-)
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    Hingis beats Venus at Greenbrier

    Let's not forget Venus just went through a grueling, (and ultimately very disappointing), US Open, coming very close to the final. A Hell of a showing for any player, much less one her age. She's getting a check for this gig, and probably expected a hit-n-giggle, and apparently Hingis decided to...
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    Hingis beats Venus at Greenbrier

    Hopefully more to come, but here's a teaser... "Martina Higgins". LOL. One more short one...
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    Highlight Vids

    A ton of great vids here... GrandSlam Highlights III Get pumped watching a little of this one before heading out to play! ;-)
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    Amy's Rule

    I was working on bringing my wonky one-hander into line today, and became reacquainted with one of the great tennis truths. Think maybe it's time to modernize the labeling a bit, so henceforth let it be known as "Amy's Rule"... Yes, get that head down, and keep it down, till the business at...
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    Evert/Navratilova: THE BAGEL WAR.

    Bud at 3:58 - "Chrissie with her bagel party face on." LOL. ;-)