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    (poll) Nadal vs Djokovic slam race at the end of 2023?

    It must be said that outcome was extremely hard to predict. Congratulations, jackson vile JoshyS SeeingDusk uscwang LETitBE buttercluck pico nov Jonesy SonnyT HMS Screwdriver Sampras-Bruguera 1993 Rudiiii ian128 Hypo Crisis Pure Striker #1
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    Will there be a maiden GS champion in 2023?

    No. First year since 2019 with no maiden GS champion. Good predictions: WarriorRafa threehandedbackhand MeatTornado Robert C Jonesy gold325 Curtennis sometennisdot _phantom mak24 djokovic the conqueror
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    Nadal won his 13th GS title in 2013, 14th in 2014, 19th in 2019, 20th in 2020, 22nd in 2022...

    Djokovic's 23rd in 2023 - DONE incoming opportunities: Nadal's 24th in 2024 Djokovic's 25th in 2025
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    Just one RG more needed to reach a QCGS.
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    Odds To Win Men's Wimbledon 2023

    Every column is a different bookmaker. Blue means the odds shortening (chances are rising), red means the odds drifting. Border = the best odds. I take it from, probably the most accurate live market overview.
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    Djokovic doesn't do his love gesture to the crowd anymore...

    'loved unconditionally'? Nah, it depends whom do you ask. Many people question it. Not everyone has been misled by his PR manicure and his polished business image. Some people unconditionally trust both Rolex ads and phrases like 'everybody does sth', but the truth is often very different.
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    Djokovic wins 2023 ESPY Award

    There is only one true sportsmanship award holder.
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    Raonic to retire after the US Open

    He defeated Novak at Wimbledon 2023. No need to play more.
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    Federer vs Djokovic Dubai 2007 QF

    Djokodal sustained peak is like Rochus' or Schwartzman's height. For sure no taller that Tiny Carlos'. Fed sustained peak is like Karlovic's or Isner's height. Huge difference.
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    Federer vs Djokovic Dubai 2007 QF

    100% agree. Djokovic had any chances against Federer in one case and in one case only: when Roger was not healthy and/or clearly below his normal level. Normal Federer has annihilated peak prime Djokovic multiple times. They're not in the same league. Roger is tennis GOAT while Djokovic is bare...
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    Federer vs Djokovic Dubai 2007 QF

    True. Djokovic can only dream of Roger's poetry in motion. Swiss Maestro is simply several tiers above the Serb. In every way.
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    Does Rublev now have the dubious record of most Grand Slam quarterfinals (8) without winning one?

    @initialize could say that Rublev banging his head against a QF wall is like Roger banging his head against a Novak wall. But personally I don't agree.