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    Zero emotion from Medvedev

    It isn't natural, it is a deliberate choice, a response to what happened at the US Open. Daniil Medvedev had just won the biggest title of his career, "the best victory" of his life at the ATP Finals, but did not celebrate. Instead, he just looked to his box, shrugged, emptied a ball from his...
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    Djokovic has an endurance problem!

    'Long covid': Grigor Dimitrov on still suffering from coronavirus symptoms Speaking to BBC Sport, former world number three tennis player Grigor Dimitrov described the "very unpredictable" symptoms he suffered , and how the virus - contracted in June - "lingered for a while". The 29-year-old...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    I think it's amazing that Nadal is such a student of the game that he can just reel off the CV of players off the top of his head in response to an impromptu question.
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    Andy Roddick, Jim Courier Say Novak Djokovic Is The Favorite To Finish As The GOAT Of Men’s Tennis

    This can't go on forever. Nextgen will breakthrough at sometime and then none of the Big 3 will be winning slams. Except Nadal at Roland Garros. So Djokovic needs to get on with it. My money is on Rafa ending up with the most.
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    Most Beautiful shot in ATP tennis

    Federer's serve is a swan. Elegant from the waist up but ugly legs. He looks like a baby kicking while having its nappy changed.
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    Player with prettiest game but disappointing results?

    That is contentious to say the least. But hands down, Marcelo Rios. World No. 1, silky smooth game, a fantastic mover and not a slam winner. Arguably the best player not to win a slam.
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    Nadal desperate to prove himself indoors at ATP Finals

    Desperate headline. Desperate thread.
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    Single most arrogant "thing" Federer/Djokovic did/does

    The whole monarchy thing is extremely cringe: If you are going to do that, do it with humour:
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    The 1000 club

    I don't want to tempt fate but Rafa is one match away from a potential match up with Wawrinka in Paris. But very impressive the number of double digit victories against multi slam winners, slam winners and slam finalists.
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    The 1000 club

    So who has Rafa beaten the most during these 1000 victories: 27 – Djokovic - 29 26 – Ferrer - 6 24 – Federer - 16 20 – Berdych - 4 19 – Wawrinka - 3 17 – Murray - 7 17 – Verdasco - 3 16 – Gasquet - 0 Read more...
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    Does Federer have any record that you don't see being broken?

    A World No. 1 winning the least number of games in an open era Grand Slam final. That one will stand for some time, I would have thought. Although I thought Djokovic was giving it a real go at Roland Garros this year but he rallied in the 3rd set.
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    UK having another National Lockdown: WTF in danger of cancellation?

    Quite frankly the players would be mad to come to England at present. We are currently running at nearly 100,000 new infections per day.
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    Djokovic on “weird day” in Vienna: I did not feel like playing too much

    It isn't a death in the family. He would probably have been punished by the ATP.
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    will djokovic be penalized for tanking??

    "He just blew me off the court, that's all," Djokovic said after the match, per the ATP website. "He was better in every segment of the game... it was a pretty bad match from my side, but amazing from his side. He definitely deserved this result." Djokovic entered Vienna hoping to gain a few...