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    Daniil Medvedev dismisses Roger Federer

    Perhaps YOU are the ignorant and in denial one, like Trump?
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    Ranking USO 2nd tier Champs?

    Didn't Borg also lose one USO hard court title to Connors? His other final USO loss to Connors was on green clay.
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    As fedfan - Losing against Djoker holding CH. points is much accepting rather than losing Nadal in SF

    True, but interestingly it seems to me most of Roger's most hurtful losses were against Novak, three Wimbledon finals especially 19 and those two USO semis that Roger seemed to be in position to win but didn't.
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    "Today's 33 is our 27." - Ivan Lendl explaining the Great Age Shift in tennis.

    They got Newcombe confused with Rosewall, as John was done at 32 or so, whereas, Ken was winning slams at 33,35,36 and 37 and at 39 beat 29 year old Newcombe in the semis of the USO in 74. Ken also beat John at Wimbledon earlier that year.
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    Tsitsipas comments on playing Medvedev - “It’s just boring”

    I Agree! Stefanos has a very good all court game. If he keeps his cool on court and makes better shot decisions, he could be a number one player in the near future.
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    Does Nadal NEED at least 1 ...

    1- Slams 2- Masters 3- WTF I would agree that the Masters and WTF are equal, behind slams. Therefore if both Rafa and Roger wind up with 20 slams, the decider would be the total of Masters and WTF wins. Roger leads 5-0 in WTF and I believe Rafa leads Roger in Masters 35-28, giving Rafa a +2...
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    Federer fans, be honest... (part 2)

    NO player wins all the time. Hasn't Roger won enough, do you all want only ONE player to win all the slams?
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    Has the Hall of Fame bar gotten too low?

    There were many years when NO ONE deserved to be in the HOF.
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    When this guy is at his 80%, he cleans everyone off the court

    As a Novak fan I agree that he is not a perfect player or superior to Rafa or Roger, overall. Rafa has dominated everyone on clay the past 12 years, at least. Novak has dominated Rafa on hard courts, overall. Roger and Novak are about equal on hard courts, Novak slightly better than Roger on...
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    Goffin spots difference: "Against Novak you never feel comfortable, against Roger you feel like recieving winners"

    Sounds like how Tom Okker described the difference between playing Laver and Rosewall. Laver hit either winners or near winners, Rosewall's shots were usually returnable though you were usually out of position and your returns were put away by Ken at the net. Therefore, when you played Ken you...
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    Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

    From what I remember, Miami was considered the fifth slam by some, not Cinci. I NEVER considered either the fifth slam. Also, I can't imagine why a Nadal fan would consider Cinci a slam as Rafa has only won it once, whereas, Roger has won it 7 times.
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    Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

    Cinci never was or never will be the fifth slam except for the most rabid Federer fans.
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    Top 3 of each shot

    True, so is his overall net play.
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    Poll: Three Favorite/Most Important Masters?

    Favorite. They all award 1000 ranking points to the winner and nearly equal big money.
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    Most consistent player of all time?

    WRONG, AGAIN! There was NO women's pro tour before 68. What you are saying applies ONLY to the Men's game. IF you don't believe me, check out Wiki or google women's tennis.