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    Alarming deficiency of druck: Bjorn Borg's bizarre return to tennis in 1991

    TRUE! Seles was in her prime winning slams. Borg was a washed up has been with no chance of winning anything again.
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    Kyrgios vs Becker

    Too bad Nick can't win a masters or a slam. I was never a fan of Zerev but at least he has won a few masters titles, whereas, Nick who is older has won 0 masters titles.
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    Djokovic Turns Inward for Redemption

    Did you graduate high school? Dr Fauci is a world renowned scientist, Rand Paul is a fool, it is no wonder he no longer practices medicine, thank God. Hopefully he will be out of the Senate soon.
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    Djokovic Turns Inward for Redemption

    They don't know and do not care. For the Novak haters and sanctimonious know it all types, this is a chance to trash someone they never liked. The fact IS that the Serbian officials sanctioned Novak's event, therefore as one said yesterday, they are to blame.
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    Who are the most popular players in history?

    You are wrong about Sampras in America. Agassi craved press attention, Pete did not but real tennis fans preferred Pete's tennis to Andre's. Pete was just as popular as Agassi, from what I recall.
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    Would a total Tour "reset" make sense?

    The most logical solution is to do away with grass, entirely.
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    Who is the Greatest Men’s Tennis Player of All Time? by Lee Abbamonte

    Perhaps the author was giving less merit to Laver's amateur grand slam, as Laver himself did? It was very unlikely that Laver would have won a slam in 62 vs peak Gonzalez, Rosewall or Hoad.
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    Thiem takes a sensible stand: Points at Serbian government fault, admits they too were a bit too careless, and has had himself tested 5 times.

    Perhaps Thiem and his manager have minds of their own and just see things differently?
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    You'll survive this, Novak

    The fact IS this virus kills old people and those with underlying conditions, much more than younger people. Even with a vaccine, the regular flu kills many people each year, especially those who do not get vaccinated.
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    Worst tennis dad?

    It seems to me Richard was a very good father to his daughters and not very obnoxious to others. In reality, he was a great, if unorthodox coach.
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    Worst tennis dad?

    Mary Pierce's father was a creep. At least Srdjan did not physically abuse his son.
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    Dijana, mother of Nole speaks: "What they write about Novak is terrible, but we are used to it"

    In that case, why read or care what they have to say?
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    Dijana, mother of Nole speaks: "What they write about Novak is terrible, but we are used to it"

    You are contradicting yourself. First you say that the qualified people got it wrong, yet you put the blame on Novak who you say knows nothing about the science or medicine. Most athletes are no scientists or medical professionals, therefore, should have had no say if this tennis exhibition...
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    You'll survive this, Novak