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    Cahill says Ljubicic is losing because of racquet switch

    Roddick didn't perform badly, infact he played relativly well...Kolschriber just played unbelievable!!!
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    Surely head need to get some marketable players witht their brand!
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    Barricade 5 pics here

    p w p dfnhvisdvn
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    Barricade 5 pics here

    Not much changed lol http://www.***.com/menstennisshoes.asp?id=24&cat=adidas%20Futures%20mens%20tennis%20shoes#304
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    Nike Spring 08 full shoes lineup.

    You've never seen nadal or federer play have you, u prat
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    Best shoe for cushioning?

    Nike's are renound for their comfort and lightness
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    Zoom Vapor Speed Clay - will they wear out too fast on hard court?

    I had oscillate clays and they were great on hards, they won't last as long but it's not by a huge margin, the extra grip on hards is noticable
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    New Nike shoes vapor 5 and cage 2's on p w p

    Yer i guess nike didn't really think about the design of their TENNIS shoes, they forgot they'd look bad on a night out!:confused: I personally think they look cool!
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    New Nike shoes vapor 5 and cage 2's on p w p

    New nikes on www.p w then nike futures tennis shoes
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    Instead of "Federer has no competition"...(let me play Devil's advocate)

    I'll tell you now, if you think fed hits a flat ball, you're on a different planet, if you watch federer, alot of his shots look like they're going out then dip at the last second, this isn't witchcraft buddy!! Sampras' serve was the best of all time, WITHOUT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How do you experiment with lead tape on the handle without...

    put the tape on overgrip then put another overgrip on, the grips size change wont be significant enough to effect your game.
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    Maria's US Open dress

    Im pretty sure she borrowed that shinny black bag off a porn star
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    Marat Safin to win the Australian Open 2008.

    Without question, that GOD will no doubt win it!!
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    Maria's US Open dress

    Is there anything about sharapova that ur not to keen on, if she wore brown dress covered in bubble wrap, im assuming you'll think it's 'ADORABLE'!!
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    Maria's US Open dress

    is it me or are her feet insanely big for a woman