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    What will Tsitsipas achieve at the end of his tennis career?

    Anywhere from 0 - 20 slams but that will pale in comparison to the social media entertainment our Twitter Philosopher King generously provides us mortals :-D
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    Why does Tsitsipas produce so many appalling mis-hits?

    Probably his mind wanders contemplating his soul, the essence of freedom, the true air he breathes, etc.
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    This French Open is Djokovic's to lose

    So was the US Open and we all saw how that went lmao
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    Roger Federer joins us for the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph v13 Tennis Racquet Review

    Old Roger is barely a 5.0 pusher with a decent serve these days, from what I read here. We grinders need higher level players testing sticks for us!
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    Tennis Chess Board Players

    Kyrgios as one whole set of pawns and Becker as the other set
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    Tsitsipas: A pattern of gamesmanship and bad behavior

    This thread is an outrage. A slanderous outrage. Just know that Tsitsicrates, Twitter Philosopher King, is sitting atop Mount Olympus at this very moment absorbing the contents of this thread through the ether and plotting the ultimate downfall of YOUR favorite, mere mortal, players.
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    So who’s pumped for the French?

    I mean I love tennis period and it a slam, after all
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    Zverev's nightmare didn't end with the match

    I'm sure Act 4 is the real heart breaker for poor Zverev
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    "Park level garbage" LOL no
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    Poor Thiem...DESTROYED once more, LOL!

    Poor Tiny Thiem, destroyed in a slam final once... Oh... Wait :-D :-D :-D
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Bring back the O3 Hybrid Tour 16x18 and also release the old prostock 18x20, please and thank you :p
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    How do you distinguish your racquets apart?

    I use 3 of the same model racquets and labelled them each "1", "2" or "3" on the inside of their throats with Sharpie for that exact reason.
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    Should the USO be stripped of its grand slam status?

    The source of my avatar. NalGOATian showing us how it's really done!
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    How Hard Will the ATP Throw the book at Nole

    I would think a lifetime ban and forfeiture of all previous Slam titles would suffice.