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    One handed backhand players, favorite/best rackets?

    Prince O3 Hybrid Tour (16x18). Took quite a while off from tennis and recently came back. Still surprised by the spin and pace I can generate with this racket specifically. Mine all weigh around 350g strung (leather replacement grip + overgrip) with Lux ALU Power at 52lbs.
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    The Talk Tennis (Epic) GOAT dictionary

    No Hairy Chest GOAT (HCGOAT)? Sampras wins HCGOAT easily
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    I Stand By Roger: Flight of the Golden Eagle of Victory

    Just drank a protein shake and put my shorts on backwards in anticipation of the Roger victory!
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    where can i find espn stream?

    Direct TV streams it well.
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    OMG stop with the "melbourne" commercials!!!

    "I want to go where you go when you're gone..." I'll be 60 years old someday and still be hearing that in my head.
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    [2]Rafael Nadal vs [3] Roger Federer 2012 Australian Open Semifinal

    Man, am I tired (U.S. East Coast here). I hope Nadal doesn't put me to sleep while i watch from my hammock! By the way, Federer in 4.
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    One thing those of us in the USA have learned from watching AO-2012...

    The female actresses in the commercial are quite attractive. I've often wondered about the country of origin for the one who waves at herself in the mirror. I haven't a clue to the meaning of the first actress wiping her upper lip off, though...Perhaps she's wiping the "love" of her...
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    The only way to stop the shrieking

    It's against the rules to make a purposeful utterance right before your opponent strikes the ball. So in your hypothetical scenario, the player shrieking to spite Sharapova would be penalized until she defaulted the match.
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    Worst slam?

    Exactly...The players wanting to play on safe courts and not have to play 4 or 5 days in a row? I can't believe their attitudes. Who do they think they are? Humans? No, they are pro athletes and should do whatever they are told, no questions asked. And let me tell you about these "so...
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    Should Nadal be mad?

    I'm not a Nadal fan at all, maybe I'm even a bit of *******...But I am 100% behind Rafa on this one. Every ATP player should be upset with the peanut gallery that is the USTA. I've never seen athletes at any level be treated like this before.
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    US Open Tournament Director appreciation thread.

    I'm not sure about the last part about " tennis could continue," but I'm 100% percent sure he said the part about having the hurricane back. Could not believe what he said.
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    Anyone listen to the McEnroe rant on ESPN about how players are treated?

    Obviously...I think he was asking what is scandalous about it? As in, is it very high or low?
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    Great Acts of Sportsmanship/Class

    I would say what Roddick, Nadal, and Murray did today was a great act of sportsmanship. When a group of players stand up for each other in a solitary sport, it's something truly special.
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    USTA should consider a Missile Defense Shield

    I say as a paying member of the USTA, we should stitch the bodies of the upper management of the USTA together over Arthur Ashe Stadium and us them as roof. Would be the achievement of their lives.