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    Single most important shot pros use?

    But how do you lob on a serve. If a pro has a weak serve, he'll get dominated.
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    Argh! Shank!

    I think you're trying to spin it too much. Maybe you could try tossing the ball a bit further in front and jumping into a bit more.
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    The 2010 BNP Paribas Open picture thread

    woah, Ana Ivanovic still plays tennis? LOL
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    Most Overrated WTA Player On This Board

    But her career isn't over yet!
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    Hope this hasn't been posted, just wanted to share!

    my first wife loves roger federer, my third wife does too!
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    excel + ...?

    So I'm planning on trying out a few different strings instead of my excel x bam. Two polys that I want to try are the technifibre pro red code 18 and the signum pro 17 tornado. What do you think about these choices crossed with babolat excel?
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    lead tape for lm radical mp

    As the title states, I want to 'lead up' my LM radical mp but I don't know what I'm supposed to use. Is stuff like the Gamma lead weight tape that they sell on tw good? And if so, at what thickness? Thanks in advance.
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    SAP Open

    Coooool, I watched Haas, Bryan bros, and Querrey yesterday!
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    Lleyton : An Image Frozen in his Youth

    Wow, this article is awesome.
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    Megan Fox Quotes

    I laughed.
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    high school girls.

    2 years, sir. ._.()
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    high school girls.

    Nice ideas Mikey Fresh, but I'm a junior that doesn't drive and she's a freshmen. And I'm almost positive she'll say yes, but I just wanted to do something cute for her, haha.
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    high school girls.

    HAHHA you know you're pretty bored when you come to ttforums to ask about life advice. I'm in high school and I feel obligated to ask my girlfriend to our school winter dance and I was wondering if anyone would contribute to helping me ask her in a cute/creative(?) way. No guarantees I'll...