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  • Even Laver surprisingly admitted if he played his best Rosewall would lose. Sedgman ranked Rosewall number 13 all time. Kramer did not rank him in the top tier although to be fair he didn't rank Laver either. Gonzalez didn't think that highly of him although he did respect him. Rosewall was a great player but I do rank him at best in the lower half of the top ten. If you call that tier 1 then perhaps he's tier 1. I would also rank Vines ahead of Rosewall. More years at number one, second highest winning percentage in tennis history in majors, pro and amateur. Won 14 straight tournaments so rumors of his inconsistency couldn't be true. Vines was super dominant in his heyday.

    Thanks PC1
    Timnz, is Rosewall really deserving to be in Tier 1? Bobby tried to convince me but we all know he was a big fan of Rosewall and was rather partial. Think about it, his best years weren't that dominant. Gonzalez was always number one ahead of him before he retired the first time. He was only clear number one for a couple of years in 1962 and 1963 before Laver took over. Tier 1 means these guys were all about the same level at their peaks at least. Rosewall at his peak versus Gonzalez passed his peak has been proven to be overwhelmingly in favor of Gonzalez.
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