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    AO 2012 Fed vs AO 2012 Djokovic ?

    Lol early 2010 Djokovic was a train wreck, peak of his awful bowling action serve, could barely play a 5 setter without throwing up and a mental wreck.
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    When Nadal saved 5 MP's to win a title.....

    Not as epic as David's 07' Paris/Madrid double demolition though
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    Roger Federer hits practice court on a Melbournelike surface

    Doesn't matter?:unsure: The most recent matchups are always the most relevant. Since that Australian Open bar Roland Garros he dropped just one set in their last four meetings.
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    Borna Coric

    In the words of Nick, "he's a boring peanut-brain player who brings zero to tennis".
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    Best prime?

    Peak Bjorkman was the scariest thing we've ever seen on a tennis court
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    Djokovic visits "energy pyramids" I can't come up with this stuff

    He needs a word with this guy to set him straight
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    2020 Roland Garros SF: [5]Stefanos 'The Philosopher' Tsitsipas vs [1]Novak 'The Tournament Director' Djokovic

    It’s a joke that a 22 year old can’t hang with a 33 year old physically
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    Nadal very beatable

    How can you have so little belief in someone that has won this tournament 12 times and never lost a final?
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    Wimbledon is Novak’s safest bet

    Except when he had a mental breakdown against PCB
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    Crispiness.... Federer/Nadal Miami 05

    Yet nobody calls this one a choke
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    Thinking of Maserati?
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    I’ve lost count, could be pre pre nextgen?
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    Only caught the highlights of the Wawrinka match and was really impressed and watching him against Nishikori now he looks like he has huge potential. Great off both wings, lot of power, has variety, touch, good mentality, the lot. Really exciting to watch this guy. Got a very bright future.