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    Has anyone tried playing without a vibration damper

    Agreed - a dampner can have advantages (usually around control and the feel of the strike) but a lot of the time its mental. If you're strokes are clean enough you won't need a dampner. It can sometimes be a good judge on where you're strokes are at.
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    Comparing Federer and Sampras

    Difficult to compare until the day Federer retires. He's still got everything chance to add to his career.
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    Drop me a message if you're still in HK and free to hit. Cheers,
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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    Checking if people in this thread are still actively playing tennis in HK? I'm heading to HK for 3 months from the start of Sept and keen to meet people to hit/train with. Like the original poster, keen to play at a club/courts that have high quality players to hit/train with. Im from the UK, 26...