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    What's Your Favorite Yonex of All Time?

    RDX500MP. Pace, spin, sound of cracking that ball. I just could not get over the grip shape and went with the MG Prestige Mid. Wish I had gotten a pair of the rdx.
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    LiquidMetal Prestige v. Microgel Prestige

    I found the LMP mp to feel a bit hollow in the hoop but slightly more powerful than the plusher and slightly flexy MGP mp.
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    Most arm-friendly Prestige MP?

    I haven't used any of the IG prestige racquets, but the other previous techs I have (mid and mp) and for a substantial usage period of time (2 months - 2 years). The LM Prestige mid had that "buttery" feel to it like the LM P mp but with more (relative) power. I'd put the MG P mid/mp as next in...
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    Head Flexpoint Prestige MP

    I found i.prestige MP to be the stiffest of all the HEAD technologies I've used in the MP categories (except IG...haven't used it). In any case, FXP prestige can still be bought online in north america.
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    Longtime (2+yrs) MG Prestige Mid users... what are you using now.

    Thanks for the reply. I've actually moved up to the MGP mids from the MGP MP line. The MP lacked the extra power I was needing. Mabye i'll start demoing at my nearest tennis store :).
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    Longtime (2+yrs) MG Prestige Mid users... what are you using now.

    Been out of tennis and the forums for a while and I'm looking to upgrade my sticks. Would like a bit more power. Sucks that the HEAD mid line is no longer made. 4.5 rated player, 1HBH, flat, eastern grip. So what are you previous MG Prestige mid users using and loving (>6 months) now. Thanks.
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    FS Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    Current picture added image hosting free
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    FS Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed

    Decided to part with my 2nd pair. Even better condition. Size 11. Imperial Blue/ Aegean Blue with white. email me offers or pm. Continental USA Only.
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    Best Value Ball Machine

    The SP's are soild. I bought a SP Star for my dad (thought about the lite but upgraded) and it's been working great going on two years now. Maintenance is easy (ball fuzz build up) and the various spins really bites! Customer support has been timely. Just read carefully on the proper operations...
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    Gamma Progression II 602 FC Stringing Machine

    Thanks TW. Best price and service. :)
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    Gamma Progression II 602 FC Stringing Machine

    Any idea when these will be in-stock and avaliable for sale? Thanks :).
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    Cliff Drysdale talking smack about one-handed backhands today.

    In essence, as a 1hbh-er myself, I regretfully agree with Cliffy. The 2hbh is much more efficient, powerful, and controllable- leading to a more reliable shot. With a 1hbh you have to get into position while preparing to lead with you right (rightys) or left (lefties) leg in a stance. You can...
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    Secret of Djokovic's success

    Djoko thinks....therefore he is. The sports psychologist has helped him- even made "changes" (look in his box during matches) around Djoko that took pressure off of him. The power of performance anxiety when present. And absent.
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    What is your heart rates?

    42-46 bpm.
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    A Battle of Mids

    Ryushen21, I agree with your description of the muted feel of the MG P mid. I like it actually casue it reminds me of the HEAD Radical Tour Trysis 260. One can "thwak!" the ball and experience no jarring/uncomfortable feedback from the frame. But I get much more touch/finesse with the MGs...