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    would talyor fritz can make grand slam final ?

    simple answer is no......... 30 years ago, yes, he could. but game has changed.
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    Is Talk Tennis Forum dying?

    i haven't posted in many years. other than couple of posts, probably at least 10 years.... but i'm on here today, because of a specific question. anyway, i agree partially with OP... the last thing i'm interested in is a GOAT debate about fed/nadal/djoko/laver/borg/etc.... it can't be answered...
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    why do challenger events (atp events?) sometimes have such a small qualifying draw?

    i've really noticed this recently.... not sure if it's new and/or challenger-level only. i've seen some qualifying draws with just 4 players, maybe even just 2 players? why is that? is there some guaranteed level where they have to accept you into the tourney either main or Q?... it just seems...
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    i didn't realize Djokovic won a Nole Slam (equiv. Tiger slam)

    i follow tennis pretty closely but i had no idea that Djokovic held all 4 majors at one time. why didn't this get more love from mainstream press? tennis press? the Tiger Slam in golf was huge........... i will note the odds of a top golfer winning a tourney is far far less than that of a top...
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    Did Gael Monfils figure it out?

    OP, that is a very interesting theory that he'd become a better player by losing one of his key assets..i think it makes sense.......... this is only tangential comment, but NBA players don't seem to get worse when they bulk up and lose their skinny speed. of course, that's bulking up slowly...
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    why was/is murray a top player?

    just a curiousity question......... i can plainly see why federer/nadal are top players and a with a little digging and some visual evidence, i have a very good idea why djokovic is so great. but i could never figure out murray. and i'd seen him live a couple of times when he was youngish on...
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    stat question: rally length and server win rate

    a friend who is moderate tennis fan but big stats/econometrics guy had this general question. and to simply let's assume men's tennis at wimbeldon or USO in tennis, does the server still have a greater than 50% win rate on points when the points gets over 5 shots, 8 shots, 10 shots etc.? and...
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    Bouchard wins her lawsuit against the USTA, seeking millions in damages.

    not a huge fan of crazy litigation culture in USA but i really don't see how this lawsuit is a major stretch. a minor stretch perhaps. i've seen the widow of a drunk driver get tens of millions because an airbag might have been defective when their completely blotto-ed husband flipped his car...
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    Bouchard wins her lawsuit against the USTA, seeking millions in damages.

    my first post in 10 years.... i'm canadian but not a genie fan nor a canadian homer on sports (didn't care that canadian women hockey lost).. just trying to analyze genie situation rationing most people are mentioning possibility of her winning that year's USO and then not playing the rest of...
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    anyone seen federer F.O. odds?

    found them.... federer is about 2 to 1... nadal is 13/10.... depending on the site, sometimes they have to start round 1 (i.e. if they get injured before, bet is off) i would be thinking of taking some kind of field bet here. everyone but RF and RN....FWIW, coria at 14 to 1... gasquet and...
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    new wilson racquets next month??

    thanks, i didn't realize that specifically.
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    anyone seen federer F.O. odds?

    anyone seen these... i've only seen his odds of winning 2,3,4 grand slams this year... i realize you could somewhat back them out of the difference between 3 and 4 grand slams. i think 3 grand slams pays 2 to 1 which is great when it's by far the most likely outcome... i guess injury is a...
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    new wilson racquets next month??

    curious if anyone else has heard this..... i was at a big sporting goods store in SF bay area. and the salesman said that wilson is coming out with some major new racquets next month (the sales guy just found out the other day). i've seen a small amount of talk about new racquets on here...