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    Which American had the highest potential since Roddick, and why?

    Him. Most of the other guys should have played basketball. Ok maybe not, they'd get snapped in half in the NBA.
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    Similarities and Differences of Spanish and Argentinian tennis

    Love Argentina because of Schwartzman.
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    Djokovic has aged incredibly well in terms of physical appearance

    Love the ops black bear fur analogy. It is indeed very coarse and thick like animal fur.
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    New Head Frame

    Head releasing a frame with flex in the 50s is only slightly higher than Tesla making a gas powered car.
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    Radacanu fires her coach

    I hope he doesn't end up being in a relationship with her too like he did with Simona.
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    King Richard: movie about Richard Williams coming out soon

    It'll probably get an oscar nod to be woke.
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    Emma Raducanu: 1 GS Wonder?

    Women hit with their arms close to their bodies because they don't have the arm strength like men. Federer hits his with arms extended, elbows locked, and out in front, but that requires an earlier commitment, better timing, and arm strength. Women hitting with their arm closer to their body...
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    Emma Is The Most Marketable Player In History.

    What about Osaka? She's from Japan, lives in the US and is both black and Asian. Though, let's be honest, it's also a lot about physical attractiveness.
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    Emma Raducanu: 1 GS Wonder?

    I'd like to see these two play Coco Gauff. The American commentators talk her up so much.
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    Book the 2022 slam final winners......

    AO: Djokovic RG: Nadal WC: Djokovic USO: Med/Djoko
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    Would Medvedev have beaten Zverev?

    Fowler was a football commentator before tennis.
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    Would Medvedev have beaten Zverev?

    There was a little bit of a crack when he was serving for the championship point up 5-2 in the third set,
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    Novak and NYC crowd had their Rocky IV moment

    "If he dies, he dies." -Drago
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    Novak and NYC crowd had their Rocky IV moment

    Novak lost because of Ben Stiller. Every time Ben is there watching Novak in a USO final, he loses.
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    Racquet price increases are insane!

    It's due to the chip shortage. Manufacturers in China are having trouble building new androids make more racquets for the insatiable consumer demand for stiff frames.