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    Is Osaka the greatest Asian tennis player ever?

    I hope she avoids sushi. That has to be one of the more dangerous foods to eat on tour. James Blake once said he ate Subway while traveling because it was predictable food.
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    Yonex Ezone AI98 successor?

    The Ai98 was unique in that it was flexible. It works for Osaka because she can generate her own power and the flex helps with control.
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    Novak ia 7 match wins away from becoming GOAT

    Yup, I can't see Djoko winning RG 2021 if Nadal is healthy. Djoko does very well at AO because it's fast and he likes it that way. Nadal is the opposite and likes RG because it's slow and bouncy. Each surface compliments their game perfectly. Djoko does very well at AO, but Nadal does extremely...
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    Is Osaka the greatest Asian tennis player ever?

    I don't think Osaka considers herself Asian. I think she identifies as black. Japanese is only her nationality, but racially she seems to identify more as being black. Kind of like Tiger Woods. I've never heard him talk about his Asian side.
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    Is Serena on the path to becoming the greatest tennis player of all time?

    Men's tennis at slams is like a 9 inning major league game. Women's tennis at slams is like a 7 inning softball game.
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    Tsitsipas predicts Medvedev to win AO final

    Med was on fire. He was hitting second serve aces. If he serves that way, Djoko won't be able to poach any returns.
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    Anyone else feeling like it will just be a dissapointing Djokovic straight sets final

    If there was any player who could give Djokovid a run for his money it would be Medvedev. Even if Nadal would have gotten through Tsits and Med, he ultimately would have lost to Djoko. This is like Darth Vader vs Darth Maul.
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    Prince Phantom 97P Review / Discussion

    I'm seeing the word flex a lot in this thread which piques my interest. Does the 97P flex at the throat? That's where I like to feel the frame bend.
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    Who do you want to win..Tsitsipas or Medvedev

    Whomever has a better shot at beating Djoko. Tsits is a streaky player while Med can play relentlessly at the same level, but not as high as Tsits peak streaks.
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    Muchova I love you!!!

    That's true. If you look at any of the official WTA photos of the players, they don't look like themselves IRL (no makeup). Only player that I notice wears makeup on the court is Serena. Osaka doesn't even look like Osaka.
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    Will Australian Open Use Cardboard Fans Along With The Fake Applause?

    The fake applause is only heard at home. Players don't actually hear it. If they could put a big tarp over the seats. They could "green screen" fake fans for viewers at home too.
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    There's actually nothing inherently wrong with an underarm serve in tennis

    Tennis used to be a gentleman's game and no underarm serving is an unspoken rule. Times have changed. Can Wimbledon ban that shot for their tournament? I can't see that shot being seen as more distasteful than at the WC.
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    Why Has Djoker Shaved His Chest?

    I was playing tennis once during a hot summer and noticed a man with a dark jacket on playing a few courts down from me and I thought it was weird because it was so hot that day. When I took a closer look, only did I notice that it wasn't a jacket he was wearing, he was actually shirtless.