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    Is Emma's win a bigger story than a potential Novak's CYGS?

    No. There are always multiple story lines and narratives at every slam. Emma's win was certainly a big story but it will be forgotten after the tournament is over. Let's be real here. Additionally, someone new on the WTA seemingly always wins a slam. Who won RG again?
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    Are you in disbelief these days to know Novak is the GOAT?

    The Olympics offer a whopping zero points. Stop tying to elevate it status. This is not gymnastics or track. This is tennis. The Olympics are not a top tier tournament in this sport.
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    If Pablo Carreño Busta had won that USO 2020 semifinal...

    May have been even worse than the final
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    Novak doesn't need a Calendar Slam. Hes already won on 3 surfaces this year

    Of course he doesn't "need" it. But it will certainly enhance his legacy and put him that much further ahead of Federer and Nadal.
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    The biggest asterix in tennis history

    LOL not going to even bother reading the OP.
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    Novak Djokovic is 6-7 on clay vs. top-10 players since 2016...

    Other than Nadal, who had a better record than him? Thiem maybe? I honestly don't know what the question is getting at since he has won 2 clay Masters and an RG title in the same timeframe.
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    joker king of weakest era ever?

    Djokovic amassed more weeks at No. 1 during the "Golden Era" so he's definitely king.
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    joker king of weakest era ever?

    Very disingenuous post/thread. He's also king of the strongest. That's like only saying Federer lost a bunch of times in the QF of Wimbledon.
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    joker king of weakest era ever?

    Yes. Because Djokovic's career began in 2021. Use your head, OP. The last few months isn't even an "era." It's literally just the last few months.
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    Why is the weak era generally associated with Federer's opponents?

    Yes because he recently just lost it. He was getting passed, not closing the gap. That's like saying the track stars were "right next" to Usain Bolt a second after the race starts.
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    Why is the weak era generally associated with Federer's opponents?

    Did any of his opponents do well on multiple surfaces and ever challenge him for No. 1? Was Roddick ever a threat on clay? That's why.
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    Rate the haircut of Alexander "Alex" Zverev on a scale of 1-10.

    Was trying to see how long you could go without mentioning Djokovic