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    FS/T: ig radical pro 4 1/4 8.5/10

    I would like some pics. Also what is the asking price?
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    FS: Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour (Size 9.5)

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    FS: Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour (Size 9.5)

    any pictures?
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    FS: Head IG Radical Pro (2X)

    can you please post pics, I am interested
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    FS: Head YouTek Radical OS, 4 3/8, 9/10 condition

    is this still available?
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    FT: Head Youtek IG Radical OS for pro

    is this still available?
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    Head PT57E (Flexpoint PJ)

    how much???
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    FT: Head Youtek Prestige MP

    I have aMG Presite Pro 4 1/4 i'd trade you...condition is 9.5/10 strung with Luxilon ALU Rough/ and a soft multifilament in the crosses
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    Luxilion Adrenaline 1.25(16L), 9 out of 10, used one half set

    is 16L almost the same as 17??? I may be interested
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    head pt57a

    any pics??
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    For Sale: Youtek Prestige Pro

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    FS: TGK238.2, Borg Pro, Youtek Radical and more!!

    do you have any pics of the 238.2?? I may be interested
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    Nike Air CourtBallistic 2.3 White/Orange Sz 9.5

    are these still available? send me a pic and I will paypal you today..
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    FS: Head Pro Stock TGK263.2 ;4 3/8; 9.5;

    is it a 16x19 or 18x20??
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    FS: Head Pro Stock TGK263.2 ;4 3/8; 9.5;

    Do you have any specs??