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  • hi, seems that you have interesting info about new artengo frames. I use 990pro plus, from 2 year, total custom (tk82s handle, filled, etc). I replace also the grommet 1 time, can you give more info about new 930 spin and 990 (new model) for next year? thanks, best regards.
    I wrote all i know on the Artengo thread, i don’t know anything else beyond that

    can you comparison between
    Tc95 16x19 63ra
    Tc100 16x19 63ra

    I can't decide to order new Angell frame

    i really love tc95 but sometimes i need more sweetspot
    Hi <topspn>,
    I see from your posts that you used to own TC95 RA70s, currently own K7s and also that you played with an RF97A. Can you help me in understanding the power levels/launch angles of TC95/K7 vs RF97A please? I played with the RF97A, loved the power but felt it was slightly uncontrollable and that i could use with a little more top spin. Any pointers please?
    Thanks a ton!
    I bought the TC 100 racket from you (the green one). I love it so much so I decided to buy another used one with the same specs but it has RA 70. Here is the problem. The racket I bought from you has a lower SW (it is perfect for me). Do you recall what swing weight does it have? so I can order one with the same range in the future. I regret that I didn't buy both of your rackets at the time.
    Hi topspn, I saw your posts on Angell thread helping people to calculate the mgri. Would be able to send me the sheet as well? My email is
    Thank you

    I stumbled across your feedback on the Prince textreme 95, where you mentioned you also had a pacific x force pro? I was wondering if you could offer some quick feedback on the differences of the two. I'm using the older fischer m pro 1 which has the same specs/mold of the x force, minus the basalt (1-2 RA stiffness) and am thinking of making the switch to the Prince. Thanks in advance!
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