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    Any 5.0 Players Switch From Players Frame to Babolat and Get Even Better?

    PS 17 really is the standout in the Bab lineup. Good power and heavy spin in a more precision oriented string bed. Its only failure is it needs a bit of more comfort.
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    New Asics Court FF 2

    Well, I hope you can get your foot into the new version :rolleyes:
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    Tennis Warehouse: Dunlop ATP Ball Playtest!

    Second outing this morning with the same can of championship ball and it still played pretty well. Feel of the ball is quite good and even after another 1.5hrs of heavy hitting, it was better than most other balls. I am very curious to try a can of the premium ATP now.
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    Asics Solution Speed FF 'clicking' noise

    I have had two of them so far and no issue with clicking
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    Tennis Warehouse: Dunlop ATP Ball Playtest!

    Totally agree, I hate both of them and really dislike when someone pops open a can of them before I can pull out one of propenn marathon or Wilson US open. The Dunlop championship were significantly better with a nice feel, nice predictable bounce, good rotation and nice control. They dont feel...
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    Babolat PURE DRIVE VS 2019

    I tried a demo of the new VS for an hour hit this morning. Unfortunately an hour was all the court time we found available. I thought it would be a jarring hit compared to my TC95. Stiffer frame, stiffer string and strung at higher tension. Demo had RPM strung up @55lbs. I string my TC95 with...
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    Tennis Warehouse: Dunlop ATP Ball Playtest!

    Oh, I didn’t see this playtest so I didn’t apply but I was very curious about the new Dunlop ATP balls. I got a couple of cans of the championship and premium HD. I will provide my thoughts on both but I did try a championship can this morning for an hour hit. It is certainly far better on feel...
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    Diadem Flash

    I will be stringing my pack in a TC95 in the near future. How is it going with you guys that have hit with it already?
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It sounds then that an 18x20 would suit your style. The difference in flex of TC95 or any other Angell frame for that matter is the uniformity of flex. The TC97 has a very distinct easily recognizable flex in the head since it is designed that way. TC95 feels like a more solid predictable head...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Keep in mind the TC95 is more maneuverable then TC100 so it’s not a problem with 320g/10HL spec. However 310g/9HL is also good and stable with a little weight as i described previously. I certainly tried TC95 in 18x20 pattern and it is still that awesome frame. Just as you’d expect there is the...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    TC95 will give you more control and precision. Power is on tap, however you need to unlock it with good mechanics which sounds like you have. In other words, its not tweener power were you can just arm the ball and get power. I personally use full poly of at least 16g for a match to the open...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It seems to be this magic spot on the frame. just add little weight at a time till it feels right. I use some cheap electric tape to experiment with how much weight i want there before I apply my final weight with Tungsten. Start with 3g and add a couple of grams at a time.
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    Babolat Pure Strike 16X19 Project One 7 string help

    A couple of very good polys out there that may surprise you on comfort and are a good fit for P17. Black zone is a round poly that is very comfy and slick so snap back is good. Tier 1 Black Night is a superb string that does everything well and very comfortable.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    You try applying your weight 7” from the buttcap. Pretty easy and will offset some of the weight you added in the head and smooth out your swing. Give it try maybe you’ll like it
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    Dunlop New ATP Balls

    i have not seen that one or played it in the US