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    Importance of spin will kill pro tennis

    Given Cressy's success I expect to see more serve and volleying in the coming years. Especially given how far back guys are standing on the returns. If Cressy had the volleying ability of Patrick Rafter that match could have easily went his way.
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    Best set you've ever seen and would re-watch 10 times out of 10?

    These boys deserve a mention for the quality of tennis they played in the first set
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    The best ever tennis tip?

    Hit the ball with depth. Even 5.0 and 5.5s can‘t do much with a ball that lands within a foot of the baseline.
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    Can Tsitsipass win on Sunday?

    I see this as well. Novak will play everything down the middle and wait for Tsitsipas to make a mistake.
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    What happens if all three of them end up with 20?

    Although unlikely the odds of this occurring just went up today.
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    About the match and the sad truth unfortunately

    He continues to lose the explosive speed he once had as well. I felt like he finished more points at the net last year as well. There were many times today where he had Novak stretched out on both sides of the court setting up easy put away volleys however he hung back and allowed him to get...
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    Can Tsitsipass win on Sunday?

    I don’t think he will be that nervous. Unlike the other youngsters he appears to be the only one that walks into every match expecting to win. As per his upset wins over Nadal and Fed at the AO and almost beating Novak at the FO until he cramped up. Another interesting fact is that all of...
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    Golfer's Elbow ?

    How effective was this workout and how many times a week did you do it? I'm struggling with GE right now and looking for a solution. thx
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    List of players who beat Federer, Nadal, Sampras and Agassi

    Roddick, Hewitt, Novak (Jiri), Spadea. I believe there are a few others...
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    2021 AO R4 - [20] Felix Auger Aliassime vs [Q] Aslan Karatsev

    How the majority of people in here think Felix is going to lose in three is an absolute head scratcher?!
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    2021 AO R4 - [20] Felix Auger Aliassime vs [Q] Aslan Karatsev

    If Felix is serving well it will be over in 3 sets
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    Nadal comments on injury (Spanish to English translation needed)

    You would think Sampras and other big servers would have won it more then. You would also think Roddick would have made at least one final. Weird