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    Do you think Djokovic is legend?

    Def a legend. 12 slams is no djok
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    Le Fog gets jobbed (featuring Lars Graf)

    Harrison clearly signals that its out when you watch the video towards the end in slo mo
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    If Nadal beats Fed he has proven he is undisputably better

    Is this forum your personal trolling grounds Dark Knight? Why haven't the mods banned you yet?
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    Why are there no "Baby Nadals".....because Nadal is more talented :-)

    Actually you won't. If you don't have enough delta V you will crash and burn back on earth, if you have just a little extra, you will be in orbit around the sun for eternity, and if you actually had a lot to break out of the sun's sphere of influence, you will be long dead before you reach...
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    Who is better player Federer or nadal

    To be fair to Nadal, he does get the better of Federer on most surfaces because of match up issues.
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    Nadal - A trailblazer in his own right.

    Nadal is doing all this because he is in a weak era.
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    Where will Federer retire?

    Rio 2016, right after he wins the Bronze medal
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    Will Federer Even Qualify for the WTF in London?

    Why? You seem like a bitter ******* from your post. But anyway, Federer could use some extra rest time, so some good can come out of him not qualifying to the WTF, but there is no way gasquet will qualify over Fed.
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    Murray Withdraws for the rest of the 2013 Season

    Looks like he just wants more time to play FIFA 14
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    Nadal will win atleast 12 French Opens

    Only 12? I predict at least 37
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    Who would you rather see in the WTF? Wawrinka or Gasquet?

    The way Federer is playing, it looks like gasquet and Wawa will make it, and Fed wont
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    The worst part of Fed's decline is that ....

    The guy can still play. When he is playing his game well, he still has the ability to beat anyone on tour. Its just that he doesn't seem able to string together 5-6-7 good matches in a row like used to be able to do.
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    During his match vs Robredo, Federer said "I can't move" to Paul Annacone (Camp)

    I don't think most are "scared" to go to his forehand. It would be stupid to go to his forehand, when his BH is so easily exploited
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    Give your personal weightage/value for each ATP Tournament

    1 AO = 0 slams 1 FO = 0 Slam 1 Wimbly = 10000000 slams 1 USO = 10000000 slams 1 WTF = 345094735039458 slams
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    What's your favorite ATP 1000 Masters tournament?

    If monte carlo doesn't count, then I choose rogers cup