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    How to push Nadal around and beat him!

    Some facts about Nadal: Slams: 19 (second highest ever) Masters: 35 (highest ever) Match win percentage: 83.1% (highest ever) Slams won off his favourite surface: 7 (Joint second highest ever) Consecutive seasons with slam win: 10 (highest ever) Slam Head to head with 2 greatest rivals...
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    Which of Federer, Murray and Wawrinka had the greater 2015 season?

    Wawrinka won a slam. That immediately elevates his season considerably. When you add to that 2 additional slam SFs, I think it gives him a good case for best season overall. As others have said, Federer was overall the second best player that year, even though Wawrinka probably had the...
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    Nadal scheduled for 2 matches despite wrist.

    It's only fair though. After all, Nadal used the Laver Cup 2 years ago in a strategic attempt to cripple Fred for the rest of the season. Look at the pain the old man is in
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    My original statement was about ATGs playing in an era, not necessarily playing their absolute best. How many ATGs were at their peak during 2014-16 for Novak, or from 2008-10 for Rafa? In any case, Nadal was exceptionally good on clay in 2005-7. From Monte Carlo 2005 - RG 2007, he lost just...
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    Like I said, I'm not talking about taking old Becker and Edberg and dumping them in the modern era or even taking prime Edberg and Becker and making them play with no training in modern conditions. Assuming that they grew up at the same time as Murray and were active as tennis players at the...
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    Nadal was active for all of those years, and winning big titles from 2005 onwards. Agassi was making slam and masters finals until 2005. Djokovic made his first slam final in 2007. So that's 3
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    I meant with modern equipment/training etc but even then, they were both excellent on hard courts too. The idea that they wouldn't win any slams outside Wimbledon but guys like Cilic would is ridiculous
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    Andy Murray - 21 slam titles

    Although people like to take the Big 3 out of the equation to extrapolate how many slams Murray should have won, the reality is that no ATG has been able to play in an era without other ATGs there. 2008-present without the Big 3 would have been a joke in terms of competition. Put Becker, Edberg...
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    Will Nadeul be remembered as having a greater forehand and volley than Feydorer ?

    Nadal's forehand better on clay, Fed's everywhere else. Tiniest of margins and it depends who they're playing against but Fed has the edge overall. Nadal is about as good as it gets (at least on today's tour) at putting away the ball at the net. Probably better than Federer. But he generally...
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    Fun take: 2007 Nadal was better than 2011 Nadal on all surfaces when healthy

    2007 was a great year for Nadal, unfortunately marred by later season injuries. Clearly better on both clay and grass. But not sure about hard court: Indian Wells: 2007 Nadal doesn't drop a set, 2011 Nadal loses in 3 to Peakovic. Probably go with 2007 Nadal for this Miami: 2007 Nadal gets...
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    Players who's careers has been stolen by Fedalovic

    Murray's career wasn't stolen by the Big 3. He won 3 slams, 14 masters, the WTF and 2 OSG. He was world number 1 for over 40 weeks. He's included in a 'Big 4' along with the 3 greatest players of the Open Era. Not bad going. Sure, he would have won more, but he would have never been a double...
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    Jimmy Connors was 21 in his legendary 1974 season

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    Big3 want to be the BOAT, not the GOAT

    He's beaten one of Djokovic and Nadal 7 times to win a slam. He didn't choose any of them. The only one that he has said might be up there is the AO 2017 and that's more for the fact that he hadn't won a slam for nearly 5 years. He could've picked Wimbledon 2007 as NatF said, or certainly...
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    Big3 want to be the BOAT, not the GOAT

    Is OP serious? Federer has stated on multiple occasions that his 2 most important and meaningful slam wins are Wimbledon 2003 and RG 2009, neither won against Djokovic or Nadal. Just LOL at the idea that Federer would swap out 10 slams to get back 5
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    7-1-5-3-5 vs 1-12-2-4-0

    I wasn't giving an exhaustive comparison list between Nadal and Djokovic. I was merely giving the actual numbers of tournaments they've won, hence why I even included 250s, which have no part in the debate IMO. Djokovic leads quite significantly in weeks at number 1, although Nadal will have an...