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    Here's Where Thiem Tops Djokovic, Nadal & Federer

    This. Thiem is meant to be the prince of clay and yet at nearly 27 he has zero slams or masters on the surface. He has one masters title on hard court to his name. At the same age, Murray had 2 slams and 9 masters. Thiem at present is the 'best of the rest' and has been in better form than...
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    Remembering Tsonga's incredible run

    Yeah unfortunately he wasn't exactly the most consistent. Still a great player on his day though
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    Remembering Tsonga's incredible run

    Definitely a memorable Masters title run. Tsonga went through a monster draw of Roger-Vasselin, Chardy, Djokovic, Murray, Dimitrov and Federer and came through victorious. 4 top 10 players including World number 1 and 3. When this guy was at his best, he was scary good!
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    Big 3 (GS titles) first 10 slams opponents in the final

    Record in first 10 slam finals: Federer: 9-1 Nadal: 8-2 Djokovic: 6-4
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    1975-84 vs 1985-94 gen

    I don't see what the issue is here. Sure, the Djokodal generation has been stronger but Federer has had to face that generation for just as long as Djokovic and Nadal have.
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    Betterer season: Fed 2005 or 2007?

    Yeah exactly. There's no getting away from Federer winning 4 of the biggest 5 events in 2007 compared to 2 of the 5 in 2005. But of course, I would say that 2005 was overall a higher level, without all the bizarre losses
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    Betterer season: Fed 2005 or 2007?

    Level: 2005 Achievements: 2007
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    Best single-slam year for Nadal

    Yeah 2005 is grossly underrated. His failure to make it past the 4th round at any of the slams except RG is a notable blemish. It is worth noting he went to 5 with finalist Hewitt in the 4th round at the AO. But he was superb at the masters. He had his second best (after 2013) performance at the...
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    Definitive list for Federer's top 5 HC tournaments

    IW 2014 IW 2015 USO 2015 YEC 2015 AO 2016 Cincinnati 2018 Paris 2018 AO 2020
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    Was 2008-12 Federer really weaker than in 2003-07?

    I gave percentages precisely so you could compare them. 4 years and 5 years are not so significantly different that the comparison becomes impossible. You yourself have often compared non-equal periods of time. Besides, nobody considers the first half of 2003 as part of Federer's peak. Including...
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    Rank these men's #1 Ranking Achievements in order of most impressive to you?

    Federer is now on 310 weeks at number 1 in total
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    Was 2008-12 Federer really weaker than in 2003-07?

    Including 2003 is disingenuous as almost no Federer fan would include the entire year as being part of Federer's prime. Some would say it started at Wimbledon, others would say the Tennis Masters Cup. It's altogether more straightforward if we look at 2004-07 Percentage of slams played lost to...
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    How great are Djokovic/Federer on clay without Nadal?

    The problem is that outside of the Big 3, the clay field has been pretty mediocre for some time. Granted, we've had Thiem in recent years (though bear in mind he has still yet to win a single slam or masters on clay) and even Murray was pretty decent in 2015-16 but by and large, the field has...
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    2014: Djokovic at HC Majors

    In 2012, 13, 16, 19 and so far 20 he just won the Australian Open. So the main issue was Stan taking him out in 2014. Regarding the USO, he wasn't in the best state mentally post Wimbledon, especially with him getting married too. I suspect he was somewhat distracted, plus he had also finally...
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    Nadal/Djokovic in Rome, who did better?

    I doubt anyone can beat that in men's singles, but Evert and Navratilova played 9 times at Wimbledon (76, 78, 79, 80, 82, 84, 85, 87, 88), 7-2 to Navratilova (Evert won in 1976 and 1980)