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    Get ready for another Fortress to fall: Djokovic wants to play longer than Fed

    I think that big 3 will always be in top 5. They always can play 1/4,1/2 of GS or 1/4,1/2 of masters. Thats about 5-6 thousand points, which is enough for top 5.
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    The YE#1 race and potential RR tanking

    They are equal i think. If Nadal want to be number one he must win 4 of the next 5 matches, he done that only couple times. Djokovic play on his best surface but must win all 5 matches.
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    Amazing to think we should be at 21 or 22 slams for Federer and 14 for Djokovic

    If Roger lose the AO 2017 score will be 19=19>16
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    Is this really Peak Djokovic?

    I think that Djokovic 2015 is very similar to present Djokovic. He just focus on GS, and maybe Gebhard told him to save his body if he want to play like Roger in late 30'....
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    Federer: 'It's Such An Incredible Opportunity Missed, I Can't Believe It'

    He say that he play without a serve almoust all match. He was happy to play tie break in 5th set because Federer have beter serve returns in finnish set. He also sad that he was proud because he maintain to stay calm almoust all match(he promise himself that, before match started) . On the end...
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    What was Djokovic's most heartbreaking loss?

    RG 2013, RG 2011, Madrid 2009, Olympics 2016
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    Nole fans, how do you feel ?

    Happy because he is mental giant, but...Last couple years Djokovic manage to play 100% in the Slams final. That not happen yesterday. He plays on 70-80% all match except tie breaks. Try to do it (100%) in first part in 4th set, but nothing happen. Maybe the reason is Federer, maybe he simple...