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    Miraflores, Peru - This Afternoon?

    In town for the day, anyone wanna hit a few balls?
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    Why can't I get lateral spin on my (tentative) kick serve ? (With video)

    The kick serve is simpler than most people explain it. The direction of the bounce is mostly a function of the ‘clock angle’ with which you brush across the back of the ball. You are swinging at a clock angle of roughly 3:30 to 9:30. In other words, most of the spin is side spin, with only a...
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    Match Stats/Report - Becker vs Chang, Year End Championship finals, 1995

    An example of a lopsided matchup due to styles. Chang’s game doesn’t bother Becker at all.
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    Match tightness

    I try to practice my tight forehands so there’s no difference. But my serve shoulder gets looser in practice and I can’t seem to help that.
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    Did Wilander do anything better than Borg?

    Courier’s career was similar in that way.
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    Obsessing over technique and never playing matches

    Some matches I don’t need much cardio. But most matches having better cardio would have been helpful. It depends on your style, your opponent’s style, and the weather conditions.
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    Street vs Sheet: More Accomplished as of Now?

    I say Med. Making the final of the men’s US Open is a far bigger and higher-profile accomplishment than anything Zverev has done.
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    Top Elo ratings: '00s vs '10s

    Something seems fishy about the ranking algorithm if Hewitt’s, Roddick’s, and Kuerten’s peak ELO ratings (all former number 1 players with 6 combined slams) are all worse than Nishikori.
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    Why doesn't Wawrinka learn to return properly?

    I think chipping is the proper way to return. Most of the next gen players are terrible at this.
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    Greatest Minds of All Time

    Leonardo, Ali, Michael Jackson, James Cameron, Gandhi
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    Hit and Run accident

    The coolest part of this story is that the first people you thought of after this traumatic incident were your pals at TTW. Glad to hear you’re ok, and hope justice prevails.
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    If a soft dink serve bounces shoulder high, a 5.0 will blast it toward the corners for either an outright winner or forcing shot. But if I can hit it with sidespin and/or underspin and keep it from bouncing higher than net level, most 5.0s will play a neutral shot rather than take a risk...
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    Dink serve is a free point generating slot machine

    My serve is very inconsistent these days. Some days my serve comes alive, but most days it’s not worth the energy and wear tear to go after the serve. So I end up just dink serving. As long as I keep the the serve from bouncing high, I can still get away with it against pretty much all 4.5...
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    why are ball machines more expensive than an eye phone

    I didn’t appreciate my iPhone until I bought a Samsung as a second phone last week. The iPhone has superior hardware and software design.
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    Played 2 weaker hitting opponents back to back. WOW.

    I thought you said a Dink Serve gives you automatic free points ?