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  • that´s part of why i´m interested. i think you learn much more if you´re the one doing the drills rather than watching from the sideline.
    now all i need is find time to do it, as we´re very busy over the summer
    Just remember they won't just show you the drills, but you'll be the one doing them, running around, sweating etc so you get a perfect sense of how it should be done, both as a player and as a coach. Good luck with it and definitely do it!
    Ah ok, yea I definitely recommend you doing it. You'll see how their academy works, how they do their fitness with the kids, the main feeding drills, their mentality and so on. Talk to the coaches there are much as possible, without being distracting, and get as much info as you can. When I was there for the week, I did the week long course, Daniel Sorribas was the one coaching us. Really good guy. In Spain its not like in Germany or other places, they might start 5min late, but when they get on the court its time to work hard. Basically the course shows you all that they do at the academy plus they show you how to teach the drills properly. They don't talk about technique too much or how you should coach. Just how they do things so its for coaches already in the game, so you'll have no problem with it. Email them and go there for sure.
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