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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Agree. Almost the same on paper, but TF40 has more power, better feel, better control and it is more maneuverable. Blade 18x20 2015 is one of the best Blades and a great racket, but TF40 305 is its modern version.
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Why not start with one of the best i.e. TF40 305 ?
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I am also interested to hear this. I found TF40 305 stock one of the most if not the most stable 305 gr racket.
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    Any News On The Pro Staff Line For 2020...

    and the price will be higher than its predecessor. A new color.
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    New Tecnifibre TFight

    I assume price will not be the same, or ... ?
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    Head Gravity

    Firstly, I had Tour myself and then bought GPro. The Tour is great for itself, but once I started playing with GPro, I just can’t take the Tour anymore. The balls are suddenly “too light”, and my fatigue is greater because I start hitting much harder to achieve the same effect with the Tour as...
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    New HEAD racket coming?

    Extreme 100 sq, 23/26/21 is not going anywhere and will stay in Head assortment i.e. EXTREME PRO.
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    Head Gravity

    Mine GPro is 338gr i.e. racket + Lynx Tour 17 + Yonex Super Grap overgripp + Turna dampener.
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    Clash 98: underrated racquet of 2019.

    at 12 - 1gr adds around 3 pts
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    Grip sizes - too small?

    If you just easy rally, you can play with L0-L5 without any problems, but if you play at a higher level, too small handle quickly turns out to be a weakness. It’s not so much about preferences as having a handle appropriate to the size of your hand. You can go one size up or down, depending on...
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    New speed mp vs Gravity Tour

    and when you start hitting harder with a lighter racket to achieve the same effect, you’re even more tired. Injuries probably also come faster as well ? PS: 5 hr isn't healthy. Even with professionals, I would ban such long matches.
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    Head Gravity

    GPro is really a special racket. Head shape is super forgiving. Racket is not too light and not too heavy and it has decent plow already in stock form. And for 100 inch head is super maneuverable. Spin is not a problem as 18x20 pattern is quite open. What more could a man want?
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    New HEAD racket coming?

    65RA > nice and very good for a power racket. To be just a little more control oriented than its predecessors !?
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    Head Graphene 360+ Extreme coming soon?

    This is a great news.
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    Gravity Tour vs Gravity Pro vs TF40 305

    Given the production tolerance, someone can really get about 0 HL. I was lucky and it is tensioned with 1.25 string and overgrip exactly 3 HL. Even though the feel is great and the control is top notch I am slowly transitioning to Gravity Pro. Much more forgiving to play.