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    is it ok to string with 6 knots?

    not sure what you mean by 'pull ones.' a dropweight is considered a constant-pull machine, as well as an electric stringing machine. Get a gamma x-2 or klippermate stringing machine for less than $200 and learn how to string. that's what I did and it was one of the best decisions i ever made...
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    is it ok to string with 6 knots?

    probably didn't cut enough for the mains. that's why i learned to string myself, so i don't have worry about others making mistakes, or paying so much for labor. as for damage, that grommet with two knots might crack.
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    Adidas Outsole Guarantee Time

    it can take awhile. for me it's usually at least 3 weeks.
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    **** Synthetic Leather ?

    I was able to get them to send with USPS a long time ago so you should ask if they can do that.
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    Djokovic v Nadal - Monte Carlo

    not only that, you put it in the non-spoiler section you asshat.
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    Lock Ups Performance Socks; Simply Amazing (Video Review)

    I'd like these too if I got them for free:)
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    Nikes with the replaceable soles

    They never would come off from intensive play?
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    Pro Preference for Thicker Gauges - Why?

    What? I don't believe that.
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    tack cloth, tacky towel, tac rag, etc.

    so using those means you never have to change the overgrip?
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    tack cloth, tacky towel, tac rag, etc.

    wow, cool to have an expert on these here. I've always wanted to try them, but TW never stocks them and I hate the other tennis retailers. It seems like a really good product given how fast grips lose tackiness for me.
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    Nishikori, worst #4 in the world?

    *facepalm*, i meant out of all other players to reach #4.
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    Nishikori, worst #4 in the world?

    This guy hasn't won a single 1000 event or slam, and yet is #4 in the world? Sure, he made the uso final but in terms of what he's actually won, only 8 mickey mouse events. I think he's seriously overrated.
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    The Simplest Service Motion In The ATP?

    no, his serve is still far from sound
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    Tourna Grip

    try to get one of those mini water spray bottles. I used to use that since my hands never sweat but damp tournagrip is the best overgrip imo. it works, but I had to do that every changeover since tourna dries so quickly so i switched to a tacky og. I envy natural hand sweaters:)
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    Lock Ups Performance Socks; Simply Amazing (Video Review)

    What looks good about these are that they seem to be much less bulky than using a regular ankle brace. However, I'm not sure how these socks will hold up. If the straps are attached to the socks, I feel like the area of attachment would be very vulnerable to tearing from over tightening of the...