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    RG 2021 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]

    Is this the beginning of Novak's Beast Mode??
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    who is federer rooting for?

    Fed fan here but I was seeing Novaks GOAT status long ago. Undeniably the best that ever far.
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    If your private club only has 5 courts...thats trouble to begin with.
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    Hitting with a pro or hitting ball machine/

    There is no substitute for a good pro. But BM hitting is important to groove your game. One thing...the BM can hit directly to you, cutting down on your footwork. Set it where you do at least 30 minutes of side to side. Jmo
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    RF's Uniqlo kits

    Absolute nonsense.
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    USTA's biggest blunder (Adult divisions)

    I guess it would be more people belong to clubs that are not private than those that are. Wow.
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    USTA's biggest blunder (Adult divisions)

    Are you hard up for a date? No...but try the nursing suits you.
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    Yes, the USTA does pay court fees to private clubs. Plus the facility provides balls, at a discount, for every match.
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    Stenciling Tips

    You're worried about how used tennis balls look? Are you a professional tour player? If so you must've seem ink marks because they're there.
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    Federer Uniqlo outfits: full catalogue

    Now if these were actually available to most tennis players that would be great. Uniqlo's marketing is 100% tinfoil hat crazy.
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    USTA's biggest blunder (Adult divisions)

    Nah...the 1 singles thing was great. Most private clubs I know celebrated that move. You still have 18+ singles.i vote for the USTA just sucking in general.
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    Seeking responses from 4.0s, please? 3.0 having better success playing 3.5 Leagues. Why?

    And respect ALL of your opponents...even 2.5's. They havent lost until the score indicates this. Sounds like you expect to crush them.
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    Pickle ballers self rate

    5.0 Dill Pickler ... 4.5 Sour (Or Half-Sour) Pickler 4.0 Bread and Butter Pickler 3.5 Gherkins 3.0 Hungarian Pickler 2.5 Polish or German Pickler Junior kids Kool-Aid Pickles. Any questions?
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    ATP 500 Barcelona 2021 Final: Rafael Nadal [3] vs Stefanos Tsitsipas [5]

    Nadal in two because he's the King of Clay!! Nadal has never.....oh wait....sorry....nevermind. Tsitsipas in two.
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    Straightening strings

    Straighten strings a little when pulling then when finished use fingers while racquet is still on stringer. Easy.